Reader Post: The Sunni/Shi’a Fata Morgana

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American Clarity through Middle Eastern Smoke & Mirrors

Battle of KarbalaThe centuries old Sunni/Shi’a war has been dormant for some time only to rekindle by proxy in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen in recent years.  In the West it’s been named the “Arab Spring”; yes spring, with more than 350 thousand casualties in Syria alone!  Certainly nothing will be blooming or resurrecting in these war-torn countries anytime soon.

Now, with the Saudi announcement of its Islamic coalition to fight ISIS it is no longer “only” a proxy war, it is now stepping up a few notches and will soon involve the main cast members in a full-blown Muslim World War.  A direct fight between the Sunni Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Co. side Vs. Iran, Assad’s Army and Hezbollah, also known as the Shi’a crescent.

Don’t be under any illusions with the Saudis’ public statements about fighting ISIS, the Wahabi Saudis are natural allies of the Salafi Islamic State and will not dive into a confrontation with the Islamists. The actual motive of the Saudi initiative is to make sure that Assad, their sworn enemy, does not stay in power as his Iranian and Russian handlers would like.  This theory is reinforced by the fact that Turkey joined the coalition; Turkey’s President Erdogan despises Assad and his Iranian puppet-masters, and we all know what he feels about Russia’s Putin who’s been carpet bombing Turkmen anti-Assad fighters in northern Syria and outing Erdogan’s wink-and-nod oil dealings with ISIS.

The entire ordeal has taken on even broader dimensions by Russia’s attempt at forcing it’s will on the doomed conflict with naval and air superiority, but it is clear that Russia cannot prop Assad up from the air and sea while the Saudis and their Sunni armies counter those efforts from the ground.  Military victories are rarely achieved from the air, they might induce the other side to agree to a political solution, but this war is as ideological as it gets and no political remedy will be achieved anytime soon.   All of this in spite of the One Thousand and One Nights stories about Syrian reconciliation Secretary Kerry is attempting to sell the world – only to miserably fail like his other delusional foreign policy adventures.

The Muslim World War will continue to perpetuate itself for years and maybe decades to come; siphoning in additional outside players like France, England and other foolish countries.  The Islamists, Saudis and Iranian theocratic rulers love it when a Western country picks a Sunni or Shi’a side; it serves their own interests and adds fuel to their propaganda machines.  It’s all smoke and mirrors that obscure the Western eyes and thought process into entering the conflict, a Fata Morgana setup for a failure of biblical proportions.

It’s highly suggested that Western countries refrain from intervening in this war.  It is not a war for the West to fight, it is a Muslim clash that’s been going on since the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD (over 1,300 years and going!) and has now quite literally blown out of its Middle Eastern proportions into the broader world because of digital social platforms, and ironically, the democratization of content and information propagation.

As to U.S. policies, a better use of American resources is to keep a good eye on immanent threats by properly funding and supporting the FBI, NSA and other domestic intelligence services.  For example, initiating an emergency program, that temporarily reinstates retired FBI agents and analysts to assist in monitoring the thousands of domestic Islamist threats, an “all hands on deck” type approach that should take minimal re-training and provide speedy reinforcement to an already stretched-out force.

Another issue that must be immediately addressed is the unseen hand that is stopping Homeland Security investigations into suspected Islamist terrorist. Americans should demand common sense policies and reject political correctness deflection in the name of civil liberties.  These days, security should be of the utmost importance for Americans, even at a loss of some privacy.  After all, the only things the domestic intelligence agencies will hear are peaceful prayers and sermons, right?


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