Hamas Apologist Teen Getting Legal Advice From ‘Hamas Lawyer’

Following my post shining a light on her vile views, terror-supporting teenager Bethany Koval responded as maturely as one would expect from a terribly misguided 16-year-old – setting her “supporters” on to me on Twitter. And by “supporters” I mean fellow terror apologists, “anon” activists, and general scum and villainy.

Death threats, legal threats, you name it, I have received it. It seems freedom of speech only works one way in their twisted eyes.

Meanwhile, the NY Times has now covered her, with more information on what she actually did beyond her vile tweets, that may have constituted bullying.

She said administrators warned her that her comments about Israel and a fellow student on Twitter might have violated a state law against bullying.

The student, Bethany Koval, a 16-year-old Israeli Jew, said she had been reprimanded by administrators at Fair Lawn High School in Bergen County for a tweet that contained a string of expletives directed at Israel and expressed happiness that a pro-Israel classmate had unfollowed her Twitter account.


Administrators took particular interest in a tweet that Ms. Koval posted on Dec. 27 after a classmate who had taken offense at her political views unfollowed her, she said. She said they also reprimanded her for a second tweet in which she told a friend she would name the student in a private message. They also searched her phone, suspecting that she was recording the meeting and warned that she could face legal action, she said. They were right to be suspicious. She later posted audio clips on Twitter.

Meanwhile, look who is giving her legal advice.

Stanley Cohen, a lawyer who advised Ms. Koval and her family about the issue on Wednesday, said he doubted that the complaints over her tweets would evolve into a legal case. Mr. Cohen, a lawyer known for representing controversial clients, said he hoped school officials would “look beyond the emotion of the moment and say ‘Move on, this is no big deal.’  ”

“Controversial clients” is NY Times speak for terrorists.

stanley cohen hamasToday, the 64-year-old Cohen raises hell by defending members of Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda in court. He recently leveraged his connections in the jihadi community to arrange for the release of Peter Kassig (known as Abdul Rahman since his conversion to Islam), an American held by the Islamic State. The deal ultimately collapsed and Kassig was beheaded by IS militants. Cohen phrases it differently: “Abdul Rahman Kassig was murdered by U.S. foreign policy.” On Tuesday at 2 p.m., Cohen’s controversial legal career will come to a halt as he surrenders himself to the Canaan federal prison in Waymart, Pennsylvania. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to obstructing and impeding the IRS and failing to file tax returns: Government prosecutors say he neglected to report over $3 million in income and ran his practice largely off-the-books. His license to practice law is suspended, effective Tuesday.

In fact, Cohen is known as the ‘Hamas attorney.’

Cohen was very recently released from prison and ready to p-arty with friends.

So there you have it. A terror-apologist teen getting legal advice from a terror-supporting lawyer.

The question is: is Cohen allowed to give her legal advice?

After completing his sentence, Cohen plans to reapply for his license to practice law in New York, then relocate to the Middle East to work at an international law firm.

Meanwhile, it is becoming clearer to me that her parents are likely more to blame than just being neglectful and unaware of her terror support. The fact that they at worst consulted with, and at best allowed their daughter to consult with, a convicted felon and terror supporter and defender, suggests strongly to me that their daughter’s views have not happened in a vacuum.

They are also playing the victim card.

Her parents were worried their home would be vandalized. They were planning to join her at a follow-up meeting with administrators.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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