The 16-Year Old Jewish Girl Who Defends Hamas


Important note: Many of this girl’s supporters have taken to social media to hurl abuse at me and make accusations that I am harassing her. The fact remains this post is exposing her own tweets, with some of my additional commentary. Nothing more. I have not called for anyone to harass her, or any other action to be taken against her. 

So to haters I say: eat it up. Own your vile views. And don’t expect those of us appalled to remain silent.

Meet Bethany Koval.

bethany koval

She’s a 16-year-old anti-Israel, Hamas sympathizer who has been accused of bullring bullying browbeating over anti Israel tweets.

Administrators at a northern New Jersey high school are getting angry phone calls from Palestinian rights activists after a junior there says administrators accused her of bullying over tweets she made that were sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

Bethany Koval, 16, is prolific on Twitter, having dashed off more than 21,000 messages and gained nearly 4,000 followers since joining in February 2015. She got the attention of online activists including members of Anonymous this morning after tweeting about her trip to the principals office. The tweets include recordings of a man she says is her principal saying she could be formally charged with bullying, which under New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (pdf) can lead to suspension or expulsion.


She said she has family in Israel and grew outraged about the country’s treatment of Palestinians in 2014 after seeing video of civilians bombed in Gaza.


Koval tweeted about the bombings and the Israeli-Palestinian political situation over her winter break, and said that it’s those tweets that caught the attention of a classmate who she describes as a former friend. In one, Koval described Hamas as “not extreme.”

In another, she described Israel as a “terrorist force.”

She almost seems to be waxing lyrical about the murderers of Hamas.

(tweet removed but it said “Hamas is just painted that way Hateful rhetoric against Hamas is what allowed the Gaza bombing”)

And I am willing to guess she is not top of her mathematics class.

She’s probably not all that strong in English Literature either.

And to think she has family in Israel. Family who were targeted for murder by Hamas rockets. Just like the rest of us here in Israel.

So, yeah, she may only be 16, but she is playing the very adult game of publicly supporting terrorists, and spreading hateful propaganda against Israel and her people.

You do not get to make yourself a “human shield” and hide behind your age after that.

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