Reader Post: Education In The Knesset

Ari Fuld is a sergeant in an IDF reserves elite paratroopers unit. His is the assistant director of Standing Together, an organization that supports IDF soldiers.

Ari Fuld flag proud of Israeli historyTwo weeks ago I visited the Knesset and actually took the English tour. Our tour guide was a very sweet young lady who showed us around the Israeli parliament and explained how the government in Israel works. Everything was great until we came to the copy of the Declaration of Independence that hangs in the Knesset hall.

The tour guide started to explain to the group of around 25 people, made up of both Jewish and non Jewish tourists from around the world, how in 1947 the U.N recommended resolution 181, better known as the partition plan. The tour guide explained that the resolution was designed to create two States, one called Israel and one called Palestine. It is bad enough that we have to face bias from the outside world, but in the KNESSET?

I immediately spoke up and explained that nowhere in the partition plan does it speak of an Arab country called Palestine. The young lady giving the tour looked surprised and reacted by saying, “that is a matter of political opinion.” I responded, “Um, sorry, but that is not an opinion, that is a fact. The partition plan called for a Jewish State and an Arab one in the area called Palestine. It was the Arab League that refused it and had nothing to do with the national Arab movement called Palestinians! A national Arab Palestinian anything did not exist till 1964 when Yasser Arafat started the PLO terrorist organization.” For more educational recourses, check this post about the best essay writing service reddit.

The young lady looked quite startled and said we can discuss this after the tour. If it was just Israelis in the group, I might have agreed, but considering there were people from Germany, Spain and France in the group, I was not going to let this slide.

I explained that the partition plan was to create a Jewish State and an Arab State in Palestine and had absolutely no connection to the Palestinian Arab movement or identity of today. In the end the young lady made it clear that she stands corrected and fixed her language and took out the mention of a Palestinian State.

Some of you might be thinking this is just a small detail and a matter of semantics but you are VERY wrong! The current wave of Islamic terror is being justified by those stabbing, shooting and murdering Jews with a claim of national Palestinian fabricated claim. They claim Palestine was theirs and they claim both the partition plan as well as the post 6-day war resolution (242) is speaking about their historic rights.

In reality, neither the Partition nor resolution 242 have anything to do with the Arab Palestinian national identity! In 1967 Israel fought a war against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon armies who were supported by Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia.
Notice how no Palestinian anything is mentioned!

Between 1948-1967 the entire West Bank was in Jordanian control (including Jerusalem), the entire Gaza strip was Egyptian and the Golan Heights was Syria. After Israel was miraculously victorious, in just 6 days, over these numerous Arab armies, Jews were once again able to live and visit our historical, national and religious places.

Israel liberated land from Jordan, Egypt Syria and other Arab invading countries, but not a single inch of land was occupied or taken from a place called Palestine! That means resolution 242 has absolutely nothing to do with them!

How can we expect anything from the rest of the world when we ourselves ignore the truth?

I do not really care where people stand politically, but you may NOT fabricate history to justify the claims of those who are murdering us! IT CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN THE ISRAELI KNESSET! It’s time we proudly scream the truth from the rooftops and stop giving in to lies in order to find favor in the eyes of a world that never came to our defense!


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