Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Joanne Stowell


Meet Joanne Stowell.

joanne stowell

She’s a photographer and “former Football wife” who is also a hater of Israel.

Heck, she’s even a bit of Hamas fangirl.


But do not call her antisemitic. She hates that.

Photographer and former footballers’ wife Joanne Stowell joins us this week to talk about her days as the wife of Everton and Bristol City footballer – then a messy divorce on which she had to spend £75,000 but found it was worth it. How Jo got into photography through chemist friend of the family David James, who knew Kim Philby, at the age of 4. Joanne has also lived in Bahrain and studied the Middle East conflict and believes the Zionist project Britain has started is destroying the Middle Eastern culture. Has also suffered at the hands of internet trolls accusing her of being anti-Semitic where actually she’s anti-Zionist. Zionism means you have the right to return to Israel. Zionist fundamentalism.


After all, some of her best friends are Jewish!

And don’t you know who the real antisemites are?

Alas, as I find with these people, they are not all that good at hiding their Jew hatred.  I guess it is too strong to keep locked up inside. And Stowell is no exception. Here is just a sample from her Twitter timeline.




Oh yeah, and naturally she retweets the Doucheblogger.TMjoanne1


Judging by some of these photos Stowell has of herself, she thinks she is too sexy for her cat.


There is nothing sexy about Jew hatred (and what is it with photographers and Jew hatred anyway?!)

Thank you Joanne Stowell  for being today’s contestant on Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite. You lose!

Update: More here and here (hat tip: Bob).

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