Not-So-Super Mario Is A Bigot


Meet Mario.


No, not him. This guy.

mario bnb

Besides doing Han Solo on Hoth impersonations, he owns a place listed on Airbnb (update: no longer. Keep reading). And judging by the ratings and reviews, Mario is a great host of a great place.

mario airbnb reviews

Except that is not the entire truth. You see, Mario is a bigoted a-hole.

An Israeli man has attacked the “bigotry” of a London-based host on online accommodation platform Airbnb who refused to accept his booking because of his nationality.

Ben Kelmer had reserved a £60-a-night apartment near Marble Arch for a week-long stay next month – but had his request refused by its owner, designated a ‘superhost’ by the popular website.

In a courteous message to the prospective host, known only as ‘Mario’, Kelmer had asked for advice on traveling from London to Oxford.

Here’s the message Mario sent Ben.

marios message

Prompting Ben to post the following on the Airbnb Facebook page.

ben kelmer response

I have tried to figure out Mario’s full identity to open a can of whoop arse on Google search results for his name. Alas, I could not find it. If anyone recognizes Mario from the pic, please let me know.

In the meantime, I implore any Airbnb’ers visiting the UK to boycott Mario.

Update: Looks like they delisted his place. Here is what it looked like.

mario airbnb pag

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