Shehab News And The Case Of The Suffocating Jews


Yes, I know the title rhymes.

Shehab News agency have posted this curious photo, accompanying a claim that dozens of “settlers” were suffocated at “Rachel’s Tomb”, as a result of tear gas fired by Israeli forces.

At the time of this post, there is no other report of anything of the such. But the photo piqued my interest, so I consulted my friend Mr Google Image Search.

The photo was already being posted last year, mainly by Iranian websites, ridiculing the these Jews and their dancing and trying to spread hatred against us. For instance, the website Albawaba claims it is a picture of “Exotic dances of the Jewish clerics [which] violate the sanctity of the Holy House.

Other sites just mention it is some Jews dancing at the end of a Jewish festival.

What is clear is it is not a photo of Jews suffocating on the tear gas of IDF soldiers.

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