This Day In History By Hamasholes

The official Twitter account for Hamasholes just tweeted this about terrorist Baruch Goldstein:

Now unless you’re among the despicable group of extremists who think killing Arabs is a-OK, you know that this horrible massacre was and is universally condemned among Israelis.

But ohhhhhh the irony of Hamas tweeting this “This Day In History” moment because on this same day in history Hamas did this:


On February 25, 1996, Iranian-trained Hamas terrorist Hassan Salameh planned and executed the first of two bombings of the number 18 bus on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem within one week. 26 people were killed, 48 were wounded.

One week later a second number 18 bus was bombed in the same location. 19 people died and 7 wounded.

Hamas claimed responsibility for both attacks. Hassan Salameh is still alive.

Hamas Chief Commander Mohammed Deif masterminded the attack. He is still a free man in Gaza.

Hamas operates a Twitter account.

Let that sink in.



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