Drop In Palestinian Support For Stabbing Attacks..To “Only” 58%


Ma’an News reports:

hitler11-gaza-shop-knife-manequins-wmPopular Palestinian support for stabbing attacks against Israelis is beginning to ebb, though most Palestinians still back a return to an armed intifada, a respected research center found in a poll published Monday.

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) said support for the use of knives had dropped from 67 percent last December to 58 percent this month — including 44 percent in the occupied West Bank, where most Palestinian attackers have come from.

But this is a positive trend, right? At least more palestinians are seeing the evil of their ways. Right?


“There is a notable drop in the West Bank in the support for knifing attacks, due, it seems, to a rising perception in its inefficacy,” the research center said.

And there’s more.

However, PSR found that the majority of Palestinians, at 52 percent, continues to support a return to an armed intifada, or uprising, believing it more effective than the isolated attacks.

An even larger 65 percent — 59 percent in the West Bank and 75 percent in Gaza — believe that if the current violence were to develop into such an armed intifada, it would be more useful to national aspirations than negotiations.

And that, my friends, is the depressing reality.

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