WATCH: BBC Is Learning About Autism From Israel

There’s a new series about autism that’s just started screening on the BBC in the UK. It’s called “The A-Word” and this is the trailer.

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The thing is, of course, this is a UK re-write of an Israeli drama:

UK public broadcaster BBC One is working on an adaptation of Israeli scripted format The A Word.

The series is thought to represent the first time a British broadcaster has acquired and remade an Israeli scripted format, though US channel Showtime’s UK remake of Prisoners of War is popular on Channel 4.

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Endemol-owned Fifty fathoms, which is part of Tiger Aspect Productions, is producing the 6x60mins show. Peter Bowker (BlackpoolOccupation) is writing the script.

Cast of the Israeli version

Cast of the Israeli version “Yellow Peppers” – Photo: publicity.

The A Word is based on the July August Productions drama (pictured), which Keshet International sells on the global market. It follows a family that has trouble adapting to the news their youngest son is autistic.

“I loved the original series and wanted to honour its spirit while writing something new,” said Bowker. “We have the opportunity here to make something funny, tough, realistic and inventive about contemporary family life and autism.” (READ MORE)

So of course, while we have many, many, many problems with the BBC and its news coverage of Israel, when it comes to making a decision to buy an Israeli product they can’t resist buying the best of Israeli work.

The most well known Israeli TV export has been “Prisoners of War” which was turned into “Homeland” but there have also been others and behind the scenes tech advances, especially game show technology and interactive audience apps, that have come from Israel.

Just another little detail that makes boycotting Israel and Israeli goods that much harder.

The A Word BBC screen shot


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