World Zionist Movement Unanimously Shuts Down After Being Shown Picture Of Neturei Karta Activists



In a surprising move, the World Zionist Movement unanimously decided to end all its operations after a user posted a picture of Neturei Karta activists in the comments section of their official Facebook page.

“A user posted a picture of Jews protesting against Israel and we were just rendered speechless. ‘How could this be?’ We thought. Jews are all unanimous in their decisions so it simply didn’t connect.”

Further comments suggested the photos may have been doctored. Casting doubt that these were actually Jews, but further analysis confirmed that these activists were wearing Jew hats and spoke a Germanic language called “Jewish”.  The analysis went on to explain that Neturei Karta activists are the “real” Jews. All one hundred of them. The other 16 million Jews in the world are in fact, fake.

Anti-Israel internet users also learned a valuable tip when arguing with Zionists. Simply posting a picture of these guys will show any pro-Israel individual or group that as Orthodox Jews who are against Israel, they must speak for all Jews and they are undeniably correct.


*Haha April fools day 2! Yes I  missed the Shabbat deadline so April 1 has been extended by a day.

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