Caught In The Act! Pallywood Undone By Behind The Scenes Footage


Shehab News has a series of photos taken at the weekly protest at Nabi Saleh (home of Shirley Temper and gang).

nabi saleh1nabi saleh2nabi saleh3

The intention of the photos seems clear: to show “violent” IDF soldiers assaulting women, one of whom ended up on the ground crying in pain from her injuries.

Luckily we have the tape.

Here you see a group, including the woman in black and Shirley Temper, going towards the tear gas and army vehicle. Notice all the cameras on hand – they are there, once again, to capture what they hope will be a valuable propaganda scene. She then rants and seems to be digging a hole in order to plant a tree in front of the cameras and soldiers (knowing what will likely happen). The soldiers ask them to leave, and one grabs her. It is then that the first two of the three photos is taken.

At 3:57, you can see the woman in white slip and fall to the ground.

woman slip 1

woman slip 2

She then carries on like a pork chop for the cameras, with the young woman joining her for the third photo.

Thankfully, we have the video (from an anti Israel protester!) to confirm this is another case of (over)acting for the cameras.

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