I’m Against The Occupation – And You Should Be Too


Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it.  And I know this blog might lose me some friends – friends that I didn’t even know I had!  And I know that this blog might make people mad.  And I know that some people will no longer talk to me, but what the hell – I’m going to say it anyway!

I am against the occupation.

There – I said it!

I see too many people being corrupted by the occupation, justifying it, singing its praise, not understanding how it eats away at society.  They see the Occupation Forces acting with impunity, provoking violence with words and deeds.  They see the Occupation Forces and its leaders pretending they’re a democracy, but in reality they are nothing more than a dictatorship depending on aid money, without contributing anything of value to the world.  They have racist laws in place – yet pretend they are something wonderful.  They say how they are leaders in the fight against terrorism, while conveniently ignoring the fact they are a major supplier of terrorist personnel themselves!  And just because their leader speaks with a nice easy on the ear Western accent, it doesn’t make him moderate.

They lie on Occupied Land that was never theirs, yet pretend they have some kind of long history there, as if they are a part of antiquity when they are nothing more than a modern-day fictitious creation of the Western World.

Mughrabi Bridge wooden ramp

So while they live in their fake world in their fake country kept alive largely because of American money, they still have the nerve (some might even say chutzpah) to warn of consequences because of Temple Mount violations.  Please!  Is there anything more comedic than a chihuahua threatening a lion?

So I stand up with my hand on my heart and say that I am against the fake entity of colonialist Occupying Jordan, a country built on nothing but the whimsical wish of a British officer.  I am against the Occupation Forces of Jordan who try to use coercion to threaten the one country that truly has deep roots in the land.  I am against the Occupation of Jewish land by this Arabic entity who have stolen Jewish land with a long Jewish history and have tried to Arabize it by planting its fake settlers in areas that were not theirs.

Occupying Jordan must stop trying to bully Israel with their threats and intimidation to prevent Jews from visiting the Western Wall or the Temple Mount – areas they illegally occupied and annexed until Israel liberated it in 1967.  They must stop violating international law by occupying land that was never theirs. And they must stop with the underhanded and disgraceful tactics to prolonging their illegal occupation with their scurrilous methods of diversion in the so-called war against terrorism.

Because it’s time to talk about the occupation, an occupation in which they live in total denial.  The world must help them end it by showing it to them as only friends can.  Because as I read the entire history of Palestine as my computer booted up, including the addendums, I know this is the right path to take.

Colonialist Occupying Jordan must listen to its friends so that a just and fair solution can be found for all.  It is the only way to achieve a truly harmonious world with freedom and democracy.

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