I Have No Problem With The Jews, But Israel…


How often do we hear that sentiment ranging from people across all walks of life, people who would present themselves as liberal and progressive, logical and fair?  People who think of themselves as pushing for freedom – rather than pushing against it.

It seems to be that the mindset is that if you’re a liberal, progressive, forward thinking  person who cares about human rights and cares about personal freedom and cares about minorities and cares about all that stuff that makes us feel good inside, then there is no way you’d be standing up for the State of Israel.

And yet, so twisted and ugly and warped are the arguments against Israel, that those very things I mentioned above are exactly the things that Israel incorporates.  And not just incorporates – it’s the soul of the country.

How often is it that when you just hear the words “freedom march” or “human rights” you just know that part of that march will be a demonstration against Israel.  There’s no logical reason, except for one – and that is anti-Semitism.

As is common among anti-Israel groups, they hide their hatred under the guise of “liberalism.”  Oh no – us, racist??  Impossible – we march against racism!  They hide their hatred under the guise of something worthwhile like women’s right.  And then… Israel will get voted as the worst Woman’s Rights abuser in the world under some silly UN resolution.

Egyptian protesters

Some of the groups are so ludicrous that you wonder if they are joking or being serious.  For example – on Facebook, there’s a group called Vegans Against the Occupation.  Um…seriously?  What the hell does eating a tree have to do with Israel?  It seems this group may have been smoking the plants rather than eating them. But of course, they have nooooo problem with Jews and on their main page, there is a prominent photo with the caption: Vegans Against the Occupation Passover Seder.  I’m guessing the chicken soup with matzoh balls isn’t served.

Then there is the plethora of gay and lesbian people (not that there’s anything’s wrong with that!) constantly marching against Israel because well… I guess it’s the “liberal” thing to do.  Never mind the fact that these protesters wouldn’t last the day in the majority of countries surrounding Israel.  They would be thrown straight off the nearest building.

Somehow, it seems that the more liberal and pro-everything group there is, the more anti-Israel they become.  Because it’s not that they’re actually marching for anything, but rather they’re marching against something – and that something is Israel.   It seems their “liberal” values don’t extend to marching against Saudi Arabia or Jordan or Syria – countries that are the true enemy of all those values and principles they supposedly stand for.

But is that actually anti-Semitic?  Well….singling out one country of many and applying one standard to that country – a standard that does not apply to any other country on earth, and as luck would have it, the country just happened to be a Jewish one…  Coincidence?

It continues to amaze me because you will seldom find a more liberal country in the world than Israel.  A country where you can state your opinion without fear of police.  A country where you can practice any religious belief you like without fear of intimidation.  A country where you can pretty much do what you like, think what you like, live in any lifestyle you like – as long as you don’t break the law.

And yet – this tiny outpost of liberal democracy, one that stands alone in stark contrast to everyone of its neighbours, is the most targeted country on earth by those who claim they are standing up for liberalism.  And if you were a true liberal, one who believed in the principles of liberalism and freedom and human rights – then you wouldn’t be marching against Israel – but marching for her!

These protesters who think the world of themselves might be a little shocked to know that the true term to describe them is not liberals, but anti-Semitic fascists.

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