Yom HaShoah: Pictures From Yad Vashem

Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day, was as usual intensely felt by many in Israel. There were compelling personal stories, like Varda’s, emotional ceremonies in thousands of neighborhoods, and 2 minutes of silence with its siren.

The official state opening ceremony at Yad Vashem, had politicians, speeches, torches, memorial flames and prayers for the dead. The videos of survival stories were almost impossible to believe. It’s amazing that anyone was left to tell them after such long ordeals.

The IDF Honor Guard stood under a large screen projecting the ceremony to the attendance in the plaza and TV viewers.

IDF honor guard at Yad Vashem for Holocaust Memorial under photo for museum

On the screen above these soldiers, is a view of the large memorial inside Yad Vashem with its 300 photos, a memorial to the murdered, of just one small town in Europe.

Honor guard at Yad Vashem for Yom HaShoah opening ceremony under sign with theme

But it is this photo of IDF honor guard standing under the theme of this year program, that stands out in my mind from hundreds of photos and words.

Everything is Forbidden to Us, and Yet We Do Everything, feels like it could be said for today as well as the past, as does, The Struggle to Maintain the Human Spirit during the Holocaust.

Shouts of boycotts, protests against occupation, and yet news of medical discoveries and advanced technologies are published daily. Renewed activity and attacks from Gaza, with murmurs of yet another war, and these young soldiers will be forced again to struggle to maintain their human spirit.


#Never Again


1 thought on “Yom HaShoah: Pictures From Yad Vashem”

  1. my problem with yom hashoah

    the day that was chosen

    placing it in nisan a week before yom haatzmaut sends a clear message, and one that makes it very hard for zionists to say that the creation of israel has nothing to do with the holocaust

    it should be moved…either to the 10th of tevet as the rabanut wanted or to the 3 weeks

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