Scenes From The Israel Museum


Ah, the irony of the situation, to be at the Israel Museum as Dave was posting about the new expensive, empty shell of history and culture, called the Palestinian Museum.

Not being as good with words as my friend Varda, I had to search for something stronger than irony. Paradox, incongruity, incongruousness, mockery, or mordancy, were a few results. Still not strong enough.

Israel Museum with Arab women and girls in lobby

The Israel Museum was hosting 40 Jerusalem schools. Hundreds of people arrived for a Jerusalem Education week opening event.

I have been to the Israel Museum dozens of time, but it would take too long to explain this visit, so scroll through the photos to see what was happening.

Arab school girls at Israel Museum for Jerusalem education week

Outside of the Children’s Wing, winning art projects were on display in the play area.

My House, your house exhibit at Israel Museum Jerusalem Education Week

The theme was, My House, Your House, and there were some very interesting houses.

House with butterflies in Israel Museum children's art exhibit


Children's art of my house in Jerusalem Education Week project at Israel Museum

and various winning designs were spaced around the plaza area,

Two Jerusalem houses, with Hebrew and Arabic next to each other in Israel Museum art by school childrenan Arab house and a Jewish girls’ school entry placed next to each other.

But, it was not just the Arabic and Hebrew writing together, or the difference in design,

crowd at Israel Museum for Jerusalem school project, diverse and crowded

nor the size of crowd pushing to see the art projects when speeches ended.

crowd at Israel Museum, Arab women, religious Jews and all

But the crowd itself, diverse, with Arab women, religious Jews, and a cross section of Jerusalem’s varied neighborhoods. Hundreds of people trying to appreciate children and their budding artistic talents.

Israel Museum for children's art exhibit, Israeli policeman and Arab womenScenes of diversity and co-existence are common at all Jerusalem museums,

Arab girl taking selfie at Israel Museum art event

and of course, selfies.

The Israel Museum has been around for 50 years, its purpose is to share culture and art appreciation with all, not to exalt differences.

The Israel Museum is what a museum should be.

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