Roger Waters Narrates And Pimps For Anti Israel Propaganda Movie

This next video is 24 minutes, which is 24 minutes of your life you won’t get back. But it does show how utterly dishonest the anti Israel side are. As well as Roger Waters sprouting his BS while wearing a keffiyeh. Just in case you did not already know on whose side of the conflict he stands.

Waters joins the executive producer of the propaganda film Sut Jhally, who looks a bit like Doc Brown. But think big shmuck rather than great Scott. His face also looks like it is suffering from an illegal occupation by his eyebrows.

Waters acts as narrator for the film, which seems to be about how the “Israeli public relations campaign to influence U.S. public opinion.” Which sounds a hell of a lot like those antisemitic tropes about Jews being behind the media.

To give you an idea of the lies and antisemitic tropes Waters and this film is peddling, this is what he has to say from 15:43:

I’m not sure that it impinged on me greatly. You know, I’ve been kind of, I hate to say it, but I’ve been busy doing my work for most of my life. I’ve worked really hard. I really enjoy my work, so I’m sort of engaged in it. And the story tends to go by somewhere in the background until you’re confronted with it, face to face, in a personal, upfront way. And then you have to respond to it. But further to what you guys were saying, about what happens, never mind the theory, which is all very interesting, and it’s a very nice kind of academic conversation about public relations, the fact is that the system that the Israeli powers that be have…the Hasbara, the explaining of their situation, is not actually explaining anything. It’s a euphemism, to suggest explaining. They’re telling a big lie, and they are repeating it over, and over, and over again. And they are also persuading some of the lackeys that they have in this country, for instance, Hillary Clinton is a very good example of this, to repeat the lie for them. And they all repeat the same lie over and over again. Sut, in Sut’s movie, it’s very very well illustrated. In fact, you used it yourself, just now. You talked about bombs raining down on Gaza, ok, well that’s perfectly legitimate description for what happened, not just in protective edge in 2014, but also in Cast Lead in 2008-2009. Bombs rained down on Gaza. The big lie that they tell, when there’s ever any conflict, or ever any bombing of anyone, is “and the missiles rained down.” And in this movie, you hear people saying it countless times. Hillary said it about ten times in the navy yard in Brooklyn, like two weeks ago, in the debate with Sanders, when Sanders was trying to make the point that there are two sides to this story. That’s all he was doing. But what he was doing there was completely revolutionary, because he’s the first politician that we’ve heard in the United States even suggesting that it might be two sides to this story. So it’s really interesting, the language that they use. It’s been..well Sut knows better than I…it’s been taught to them, by Frank Luntz and others, who’ve said “this is how you effect public opinion, you lie to people. And these are the words that you must choose to tell the lie with.” But our policy is to tell a big lie, and the big lie is this, we are little David and we’re being attacked by Goliath. And Goliath is these awful terrorists, who surround us, and who are constantly attacking us. And we, much as we hate it, have to defend ourselves. And that is why sometimes we need to take to the skies with our drones, and our F-16s, and whatever it is that they use. And that is the big lie that they tell. And so that narrative that which, actually, the real narrative is that exactly the opposite is true. That Israel is not David. Israel is Goliath. And their attacks upon Gaza particularly, because the people there are incarcerated in an open air prison, and are entirely defenseless against attack from the air and the sea. They defend their attacks on Gaza, on the grounds that they are defending themselves. They’re not defending themselves. What they’re doing is, they are what they describe as mowing the grass or mowing the lawn, which is a disgusting euphemism to use about the slaughter of net-neighboring peoples, who happen to be inhabiting land that you covet. This is the real story of whats going on. The story is that the Israeli government…I’m not talking about Jewish people. I’m not talking about the Israeli people, though a lot of them, I have to say, do support the actions of their government. But this very very right wing government, that is in power in Israel at the moment, is determined, and it’s as plain as a pike staff to see, to occupy forever, all the land between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

And between the Lebanese boarder and the [inaud.]. That is their determination. And they’re doing it. And they’re doing it willy-nilly. And they’re pretending not to do it. So part of their big lie is “we want to make peace with our neighbors.”No they don’t. That is just a barefaced lie. But if you say that, then get a spokesperson for the Israeli government will come on, and say the lie again. Exactly the same lie, they’ll say it again. “We want peace. We’re just defending ourselves.” The rockets rain down, and they go on saying the same thing, over, and over, and over again.Now, this might be ok in a country like the United States of America, for the people to make up their minds about what the true narrative is. Except, they’re not being given a chance to look at the narrative, which is why you and I are here today. To help Sut persuade the media to show his movie to the people. So the people of the United States may make up their own minds as to what’s going on. And who is the victim. And who is the perpetrator. Whether the occupying army, the occupying army, the IDF, or the Israeli occupation force, whether that’s Goliath, what the press says, or whether it’s the people who have been woken up in the middle of the night and having their kids dragged off to prison. Whether they’re the oppressors. But the film has to be shown so that people get a chance to see the other side of the narrative.

What Waters is doing here is engaging in turnspeak, a technique perfected by the Israel hating crowd in which they claim things about us which actually apply to them. For instance, that whole lying thing Waters accuses us of doing? That is the trademark of him and his fellow Israel haters. Notice also the antisemitic trope about us having “lackeys” in power in the US, as well as him giving Hamas and their fellow terrorists a free pass in all of this.

It seems as though Waters has decided to dedicate his twilight years to the cause of evil.

This is apparently part 1 of the interview, so I am sure we will get more doozies from Waters and the demented Doc Brown.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media