Ken Livingstone Is A Grand Son Of A B*tch

Jew-hating former mayor of London Ken Livingstone, who recently claimed Hitler was a Zionist, has invoked the “some of my best friends (& relatives) are Jewish” defense.

ken livingstoneThe former Mayor of London, who has been suspended from the Labour Party for arguing that Hitler supported Zionism, told the JC he might have Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side.

Asked to name a Jewish friend, he cited the late Lord Janner, a one-time fellow Labour MP.

He said: “Greville Janner used to drive me home from the House of Commons at night. We would chat away about the Middle East. He would speculate about whether or not I was Jewish because my grandmother’s name was Zona.”

For the record, Zona is the Hebrew word for whore or bitch. I kid you not.

Which makes Livingstone a grand son of a bitch.

But we already knew that.

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  1. I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast series and learned a useful and applicable term for this – moral licensing. He specifically referenced antisemitism in this, though his prime example was sexism in the way that Julia Gillard, then PM of Australia had been routinely trashed by the Conservative leader of the opposition.

    It’s from some recent research in psychology. Apparently in order to prepare oneself to immorally attack someone or group, the perpetrator will first present themselves as morally virtuous. In other words, the “some of my best friends” approach. In food choices it reveals itself as having a diet soft drink (virtue) with a 2000 calorie fast food meal.

    This says it a bit better than I did:

    Moral licensing theory posits that people who initially behave in a moral way can later display behaviors that are immoral, unethical, or otherwise problematic.

    Gladwell says he was reminded by this phenomenon by Amos Alon’s “The Pity of it All”, a book about the modern history of the Jewish community of Austria and Germany. Not having read it (yet) I don’t know how it connects, but if someone could elaborate….

    This is what Livingston is doing.

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