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Claiming Ken Livingstone Said Something He Didn’t Undermines REAL Antisemitism Claims Against Him

If you've been following the news, you may have picked up on this story, which is ostensibly another example of former London mayor 'Red' Ken Livingstone doing his antisemitic thing.

Mocking Nike? He Just Did It!

The Daily Freier is ready to show just how #Woke he is with the Wokiest set of Woke Memes this side of Wokeachusetts

It’s the George Galloway and Ken Livingstone Show!

This should be a barrel of laughs One can only imagine what their times of joy and disappointments include. Galloway - times of joy https://youtu.be/KQA2X4yvK_g Galloway - times...

Ken Livingstone Goes Full Antisemite in Candid Conversation

Ken gets sloppy when speaking casually today

WATCH: How NOT To Deny Antisemitism (By Ken and Ken)

I could not resist

Julia Hartley-Brewer Gives Ken Livingstone One Hell of a Tough Interview

This is how a proper interview is done

Electronic Intifada Goes Full Antisemitism In Defense Of Ken Livingstone

This vile piece shows what the EI is really all about.

WATCH: Ken Livingstone Repeating Claim Hitler Supporter Zionism

If only he'd choke on the foot he is determined to keep sticking in his mouth

Ken Livingstone Caught Lying And Manipulating

I believe Livingstone is a master manipulator and liar. I show you how from his latest sound bytes

Ken Livingstone Is A Grand Son Of A B*tch

"He would speculate about whether or not I was Jewish because my grandmother's name was Zona"

Ken Livingstone: Zionism Is Racism

Hey London Jews. Watch this. Think carefully before you vote for this man.

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2009

After marathon talks last night, Gilad Shalit's fate seems no clearer, with the Prime Minister's Offices stating that the negotiation "have instructed the negotiation...
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