WATCH: Abused Donkey? How About Abused Palestinian Child


The following video was posted by Corey Gil-Shuster, who interviews subjects for his Ask an Israeli/Ask a Palestinian project. He found it on an Israeli channel for animal lovers (Hat tip: Yigal).

The video, filmed by an Israeli police officer, shows the mistreatment of a donkey; But as Corey rightly points out, it shows a lot more. A hell of a lot more.

But it has so many layers of what you witness here day to day about the conflict:
– an 11 year old from the West Bank sent to work illegally in Israel by his family,
– check out the behaviour on this kid, you know he is being beaten at home by his father and will be beaten for losing the donkey,
– everyone is concerned about the donkey as they should be yet no one mentions that this is an 11 year old child who crossed a border illegally, could have been killed, and his parents sent him to work on his own.
– chances are this video will end up being edited to show that Israelis steal donkeys from Palestinian children.

I would also add it shows the compassion of the Israeli police officers towards this illegal entrant into Israel, even though he has abused a donkey and is not cooperating with them.

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