It’s No Laughing Matter

I tell my kids to come home. They laugh at me.

Two of my four kids live in the States. I tell them it’s no longer safe where they are.

They dismiss me.

I tell them that what is sweeping through Europe is nothing less than global jihad. It’s not about refugees, it’s about an invasion. Not a day goes by in Europe without an Islamist attack against “infidels”. The blood is flowing and heads are literally rolling. I tell them that the United States is next.

They laugh at me. Again.

I tell the other members of my family still living in the States and I tell my friends too. They smile, amused. I’m an alarmist, you see.

I tell them, it’s already begun. The Jihadists have mapped out their intentions, beginning with the World Trade Center back in 2001.

The Islamists are not making a secret out of it, I say. They are loud and clear about their intentions. Don’t listen to me, but why refuse to listen to them? Which words don’t you understand when Jihadists yell Alahu Akhbar before they slaughter Europeans and Americans?

I tell them the writing is on the wall.

Courtesy Jewhatredoncampus

Boston, Fort Hood, Texas, Garland, Texas, Chattanooga, Tennessee, San Bernardino, California, Orlando, Florida, Fort Myers, Florida. Demonstrations, whether it be at Wall Street or Ferguson ultimately turn into platforms to promote Jew hatred. Palestinian flags waving at the Democratic National Convention, Congressman Hank Johnson referring to Israelis as termites and not being censured for it, the State Department increasingly vocal and unrestrained in its ire against Jews building homes in our capital, Jerusalem. Statements from world leaders that the Jewish people/Israel is the cause for all the strife in the world, and college campuses throughout the US where Jew-hate groups, incited and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, are roaming free and terrorizing the Jewish students into silence.


I point it all out to them.

Come back home, I say. Come home to Israel. Where your presence is not merely tolerated according to whims as it is in the US.

Courtesy Inquisitr

Courtesy Inquisitr

I tell them to come back home to Israel where we have our own army of defense. Return to your country where our Jewish destiny is in Jewish hands. Our defense is in Jewish hands.



Come back home and flourish with your people, who want you, who love you.

Despite your patriotism, despite your loyalty and exemplary citizenship in the US, your fate is not in your hands and you are in danger. More so, because you don’t see it.

When instability strikes the world as it is now, the fingers point to the Jew. We’ve seen it before. We are seeing it again.

And still, they shake their heads. They roll their eyes and they laugh at me.

Call me an alarmist then. I am sounding the alarm. Because, God help us, I don’t want to have the last laugh. We’ve been through this before, dammit. Wake up.

I know it’s not easy. It’s hard to pick up and leave. I know.

Just come home.


Zahava Englard Shapiro

Originally from New York, Zahava was lost in New Jersey for several years until found over a decade ago roaming the hills of Judea in Gush Etzion. An author of two books, “The Gilboa Iris” published by Gefen and “Settling for More: From Jersey to Judea” published by Devora. Her favorite quote is: “If it’s not controversial, why bother?” (Yes, the quote is her own.) She is a mother of four, with two sons having proudly served in IDF combat. Zahava is presently residing in Jerusalem, continues to publish articles for various online publications and is currently working on "the great Israeli novel."

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