Palestinian Loses Job…For Crime Of Saving Jewish Lives


Last month, a palestinian saved the life of Rabbi Miki Mark’s family after their car was shot at, killing Rabbi Mark and leaving the car overturned.

It was an act that warmed the hearts of many. But as Israellycool contributor Paula wrote at the time:

There are some in the media who insist on making a HUGE deal of what is, without question, an amazing and wonderfully humane act of kindness last week to help the Mark family. Without question, the Palestinian couple that rushed to the aid of the Mark family, offering first aid and care until the ambulances arrived, deserve praise. In fact, unlike what happened with the Lipman family, where a Red Crescent ambulance came, saw it was Jewish injured and left, this time the Red Crescent ambulance offered assistance until Israeli ambulances arrived and took over, and they too deserve praise.


The fact that someone has to repeatedly remark on the Palestinian assistance as a huge thing is in fact quite sad as it publicly acknowledges the rarity of the act. By contrast, on a REGULAR basis…for example again this morning, Israeli ambulances rush to treat Palestinian injured.

Now we get a further reality check that underscores her point that this is not something encouraged in palestinian society.

palestinian and jewA Palestinian man who saved the children of a West Bank rabbi after a deadly terror attack that killed him has been fired from his job, according to the head of Har Hevron Regional Council.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Yochai Damari said that the man is now unemployed due to Palestinian opposition to his actions and should be assisted by Israel.

“I met with him and he asked me to help remove any obstacle preventing him from receiving a work permit,” Damari wrote. Such a permit would allow the man to obtain employment inside Israel.

Now, Damari wrote, Israel owes it to the couple to help them find work.

“This week I wrote a letter to the defense minister [Avigdor Liberman], requesting help in getting a work permit for the two of them. I met with them, I am aware of the difficulties, but I think that in cases like this it is our obligation as the Jewish nation to show our thanks to people who behave as upstanding people and act in a way expected of them in situations like this,” Damari said.

“Particularly at this time we must strengthen the positive forces and send a clear message that normal positive behavior will lead us [Israel] to also behave normally and positively,” he wrote.

This story also underscores the point that Israelis regularly help palestinians. In this case, a “settler”, no less. And not just any “settler” but the head of Har Hevron Regional Council.

As of the time of this post, this has not been picked up by the international mainstream media. No surprises there.

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