New Mall To Soon Open In “Concentration Camp” Gaza


As if they haven’t suffered enough, Gazans are soon to suffer the indignity of having their decision as to where to shop made even harder, with the Capital Mall set to open. I’m not sure exactly when, but it is supposedly soon.

Although as of last month, they were still seeking tenants.

Some Gazans are getting a little antsy…

Although, this will be, I believe, the third mall in Gaza, supposedly the world’s largest “concentration camp” and “open air prison.”

And judging by the design pics, it does not look too shabby.

capital mall gazagaza mall2gaza mall4gaza mall3

It boasts a double-skin facade..

As well as modern architectural design, escalators, electric stairs (?) and some virgin water apparently.

capital mall description

(alternatively, the auto-translate has some issues)

Watch this space.

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