Palestinians – And Israel Haters – Celebrate Tel Aviv Building Collapse. And Then….


Today in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Hahayal neighborhood, there was a tragic building collapse at a construction site, killing at least 2 construction workers, and injuring 24 others. 7 are still missing, with rescuers fearing for their lives (3 had been trapped inside the building, but were rescued, and another 21 managed to escape).

When news of the tragedy hit social media, the feeling in Israel was one of sadness, as well as fear and hope for the well being of those in the building.

On the palestinian and general Israel-hating side, there were many celebrating the tragedy, or indifferent to it.

For example:

And see how many Likes and ‘Loves’ are on these Facebook posts covering it.

shehab tel aviv 2

shehab tel aviv 1

But it seems these stellar individuals celebrating the tragedy did not get the memo: palestinians are heavily employed in the construction sector in Israel. The two killed, and most of those injured and trapped, are palestinian.

Talk about raining on the parade.

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