WATCH: Looking Back In Time At The Tomb Of Prophet Nahum


This is about the destruction of Jewish history across the entire Arab world. And Jewish history is also Christian history because the Jewish prophet Nahum is important to Christians too.


Jewish communities, which had existed for a thousand years across all of today’s modern Islamic states, were wiped out in the vast lands conquered by Arabs. Eventually the surviving communities did find salvation and continuation in Israel. I’m surrounded by Jews from Iraq, Persia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and other lost Jewish communities. The same can’t be said for Middle Eastern Christianity which, other than in Israel, is teetering on the brink of extinction. ISIS is not the only, just the latest, threat. Living as a “protected” dhimmi minority in Arab lands has led to centuries of decline and fall in living conditions and numbers.

He filmed that video in Alqosh, Northern Iraq and in what is now Kurdish held territory.

Hazem Farraj is an interesting guy. I first heard of him when he spoke to Gad Saad. Hazem Farraj describes himself as “American by birth – Palestinian by blood – Christian by choice”. He moved to Jerusalem and learned his Islam in the mosques controlled by the Palestinian Authority. But he didn’t like what he was learning, rebelled and converted to Christianity. You can see some of his other videos on his YouTube channel.

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