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Latest Libel: The Abduction and Murder of 7-Year-Old Palestinian Boy

A number of anti-Israel social media accounts have claimed Israelis abducted 7-year-old Shaheen Wissam Salem, torturing and murdering him.

WATCH: Miss Iraq Sarah Idan’s Message of Peace to Israel

Ms Iraq 2017 Sarah Idan addresses Israelis at the AJC Global Forum

Palestinians Suffering From Apartheid…in Iraq

Anything to worsen the situation of those who now identify as palestinian Arabs in order to try and destroy Israel demographically

WATCH: Looking Back In Time At The Tomb Of Prophet Nahum

This is about the destruction of Jewish history across the entire Arab world.

Never Fear Mr. Ketchup Is Here

John Kerry is always dressed for the occasion! Just (shhhh) don't let them know you're an infidel.

Must-Read Thoughts Of a Palestinian

Remember the palestinian who supported the IDF getting rid of Hamas and retaking the Gaza Strip? Well, he's back, this time publishing a post on the shoddy treatment of palestinians throughout the Arab world.

Even More Proof Iran Is Arming Gaza Terrorists

Iranain-made 107mm rocket used in Iraq in attacks on the MNF are the same being used by Hamas

How The Jews Built The Tower Of Babel

According to some Iraqi "experts", ancient Jewish manuscript smuggled from Iraq are Zionist propaganda

BBC And Syria: Unverified

The BBC is caught with their pants down twice in two days, showing pathetically wrong images when reporting on Syria.
The Dhimmi

Before You Go To Church Today Read This

They came for the Jews (who fled to Israel). Their Arab Christian "brothers" are next.

Muslim World’s Greatest Hits

Yesterday, I posted about the Lebanese politicians who acted out their wildest WWF fantasies. Today, we see they are not alone
munir redfa

On This Day In History

Exactly 45 years ago Cpt. Munir Redfa, an Iraqi pilot, defected to Israel.


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