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Hamas Grinches Launch Operation: Suck Up To Christians Following Criticism of Anti-Christian Measures

Yesterday I posted how Hamas had decided to “limit interaction” with Christmas celebrations in Gaza , drawing sharp criticism from many palestinian Arabs, especially Christians living in the Gaza Strip, but not a mention in the mainstream media. Now Hamas is attempting some pretty transparent damage control

WATCH: Palestinian Man Bemoans Treatment of Bethlehem’s Christians by Palestinian Authority

This brave palestinian man would like the world to know the truth.

Not-Antisemitic Ilhan Omar Endorses Idea That Jesus Was ‘Palestinian’

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who we are told is not antisemitic, clearly feels pretty untouchable at the moment. So much so, that she has retweeted this highly offensive tweet by a hater, claiming Jesus was 'Palestinian.'

USA Today: Looking for Blame in All The Wrong Places

See a theme in this piece?

Important Message to Christian Supporters of Israel

I hope this clears up any misconceptions.

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu’s Christmas Message

I don't know about you, but I think he sleighed it.

WATCH: Looking Back In Time At The Tomb Of Prophet Nahum

This is about the destruction of Jewish history across the entire Arab world.

An Important Message For Pro-Israel Advocate Hananya Naftali

I hate to do this publicly, but I feel I need to act

Guest Post: Can a Non-Jew Be a Zionist? And Can We Talk About It?

Sheri tackles a controversial subject

Not Offended

Ok, so Pope Benedict ordered changes to a Latin prayer for Jews at Good Friday services by traditionalist Catholics, deleting a reference to their...

That Legendary Palestinian Arab Religious Tolerance

(cross-posted on Elder of Ziyon) BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) -- Greek Orthodox and Armenian priests attacked each other with brooms and stones inside the...

Merry Christmas

Wishing all of my Christian readers a.. Merry Christmas!   Thanks for supporting this blog and, more importantly, supporting Israel in our fight against those who would...
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