Britain Suspends Aid For Palestinian Authority To Stop Funding Terrorists

I don’t know how much of this decision was influenced by Kay Wilson’s story appearing prominently in the Daily Mail, but I’m willing to bet that her story’s effect was considerable. Publicising her story and her writing here at Israellycool, her speaking all over the world with StandWithUs: these things really do make a global difference.

Mail on Sunday Page 8-9 double page spread April 3
Mail on Sunday Page 8-9 double page spread April 3

It’s almost impossible to believe this political action isn’t the direct result of the Daily Mail’s massive campaign on foreign aid and Kay Wilson’s story was a centre piece. It is probably the most powerful human story you could present to the UK public over what terrorism actually means against Jews, Israelis and even visiting Christians like her friend Kristine Luken (of blessed memory).

So I’m banging the drum for Kay because I want to let the world know that speaking up the way she does has an effect. It is incredibly difficult talking about what she went through, in the forest, afterwards confronting those monsters in court and knowing, right now, they’re paid by foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority. The US still pays taxpayers money to the terrorist pensions of the PA. When are they going to stop?

Today the UK Government has suspended aid payments to the PA:

BRITAIN is suspending millions of pounds-worth of aid payments to the Palestinian Authority amid staggering claims taxpayers cash is ending up in the hands of terrorists.
International Development Secretary Priti Patel has ordered a freeze pending an investigation.

Priti Patel has ordered a freeze on Palestinian aid pending an investigation
Earlier this summer furious MPs demanded action after revelations UK aid supposedly paying for civil servants in Gaza was being transferred to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.

One Hamas master bomber was alleged to have been given £100,000 by the PLO.
Other ‘salaries’ is said to have gone to families of suicide bombers and teenagers attacking Israel.

Dfid has previously admitted the PLO makes “social welfare” provisions for prisoners’ families but ruled out the idea UK cash is being diverted in this way.

Government sources yesterday conceded that many of the civil servants were doing other jobs while pocketing UK taxpayers’ cash.

The decision by the Department for International Development means £25 million in cash is being withheld this year – a third of the total aid sent to Palestine. The majority goes to charities in the region.

A total of £25 million in aid cash is being withheld from Palestine.

4 thoughts on “Britain Suspends Aid For Palestinian Authority To Stop Funding Terrorists”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    When is the U.S. going to stop paying this blood money? Most likely, when Trump becomes president. As for Hillary, whatever her inclinations may be, Huma (of the Muslim Brotherhood) will see to it that the cash keeps flowing.

  2. BTW, where exactly is “Palestine”? My understanding is the there is a territory known as the Palestinian Authority (PA), which covers Judea, Samaria and Gaza. However, the PA’s writ does not run in Gaza because Hamas, which controls it, wants to do things its own way…

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