Kay Wilson’s Amazing Story Featured In Daily Mail (UPDATED)

The Daily Mail is one of the top news sites in the world. It is no less important than the New York Times, and specifically in the UK, it’s huge. The print version is also, still, a massive seller in the UK. Israellycool readers know Kay Wilson well, the UK public has, shockingly, never heard her story. Her story received almost no contemporaneous coverage and no follow up.

Kay Wilson Daily Mail story front page and storySo today’s story in the Mail on Sunday about Kay Wilson is a very big deal. It is the Daily Mail (and the Mail on Sunday) that have been championing a call to have the UK’s overseas aid budget much more carefully vetted. One of the big areas they’re calling on the government to look at is aid to the Palestinian Authority.

This is the reality of the relentless Jihad we face in Israel, it’s essential that the outside world hears the details.

‘I watched my friend chopped up before my eyes, and only survived because I played dead, despite being stabbed 13 times and having over 30 bones broken by the sheer force of the blows.

‘Each time he plunged his machete into me I could hear my bones crunch, and also my flesh ripping from the serrated blade.

‘They left, only to return moments later and roll me over, and I watched him plunge the knife into my chest, just missing my heart.’

The PA has, in the last couple of years, realised that its most important budget item: paying terrorists and their surviving families for killing Jews, is not a popular thing. So they’ve taken steps to push this out, establishing some distance. Just like money laundering, however, it doesn’t matter how external funders route it, any money given to the PA by the UK or the EU ends up allowing the PA to take other money and give it to terrorists and their families.

That’s why it was so important to get Kay Wilson’s personal story in the Mail on Sunday today. We know there are thousands of imprisoned terrorists and terrorist families receiving UK and EU cash: but this story is about ONE British woman and one American woman. They directly suffered at the hands of two Palestinian savages who are now living comfortably in an Israeli jail, full board and lodging, AND receiving money to give to their families. They’re in prison for now, but who knows when Israel may lose its nerve and exchanges them for some bones or a captured Jew (though the public willingness to do this is probably at an all time low).

I must personally express my enormous gratitude to Kay for her bravery in coming forward to talk about her experience. You may see her looking confident and calm in videos when speaking, but never forget what bravery it takes to re-live that experience to educate others. There is no way for those of us who’ve never been so close to death and watched a friend die before our eyes to understand what that does to the soul. Take a moment to thank Kay for speaking up and allowing those harrowing pictures to be put out there.

The goal is not to maliciously cast Palestinian society into poverty by de-funding them. The goal really is to provided the conditions where Palestinian society is FORCED to change direction. Glorifying with words, street names, school names, playing fields and at the apex, actual hard cash, the killing of Jews will always lead to a society that kills Jews. They must be forced to change or they must be consigned to a historical dustbin. Am I confident they can change? Unfortunately not, but I don’t see an alternative to punishing this societal behaviour because it directly affects all Israelis every day.

Update 14:30: Thanks to Esme in London I have the pictures of the Mail on Sunday today.

The Mail on Sunday Front cover 3rd April

The Mail on Sunday Front cover 3rd April

Mail on Sunday Page 8-9 double page spread April 3

Mail on Sunday Page 8-9 double page spread April 3

From Esme:

Front page: all about wasted aid. Page 2 is more on wasted aid. Page 4 and 5 on Defence spending. Pages 6 & 7 more on wasted aid in general and the plight of the steel works in particular. Kay is page 8 and part page 9. Page 10 & 11 continue with waste in Rwanda and Pakistan And 12 & 13 is general comment. Page 20 is about FGM. Page 48 is all about the Kardashians

(There’s a huge story in the UK because the Indian company that owns most of what’s left of the UK’s once great steel industry is going to shut it down.)

Which means to say that Kay’s machete wounds have beaten the Kardashians to the front of the paper! I know Kay will have a wry laugh at that.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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