WATCH: Tell FIFA To Support Coexistence In Israel


An excellent response to pressure being put to bear on FIFA to bar the Israeli Football Association (IFA) from organizing official footballing activities in Judea and Samaria.

I recently played a game of Aussie Rules football against the ‘Peace’ team, which contains many palestinian players. They played hard and tough (as you should), and at one point, my palestinian opponent bumped me hard. I patted him on the back and assured him even though I might be an old man (or at least way older than he was), I was fine. My point? Sports does indeed provide the opportunity for banter and even dialogue with those you otherwise wouldn’t. Relating to each other as individuals is key. These attempts to boycott Israeli football are anti-peace.

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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.