What People Are Missing About Hamas’ Mahmoud Al-Zahhar “Trump Is A Jew” Interview


We are already used to Hamas-hole Mahmoud Al-Zahhar making a boob of himself, and you’ve probably already heard about his latest comments regarding Donald Trump being Jewish because “the most important thing in the Jewish religion is Jewish money.”

(Although I am sure he meant Zionist, right? After all, some of his best friends are Jewish).

Hamas are antisemitic. Not news! People are missing the real story.

He watches American wrestling!

Maybe he is an Iron Sheik fan? (he shouldn’t be)

That comment about American wrestling is actually a gem.

“I advise everybody to watch [American] wrestling matches, and to see how the crowd reacts to the wrestlers, how it relates to this unnatural violence. That is their culture, their model for heroism: obscene language, obscene acts, obscene declarations, and obscene attacks on other countries. That is the [American] culture and upbringing. That is their true religion.

Says the guy who’s culture dictates encouraging people to murder innocent civilians so they can have a seventy-threesome in paradise, while the living hand out candies to celebrate the murder and mayhem.

Oh, and if you are reading this soon-to-no-longer-be-President Obama, he called you an African settler.

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