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WATCH: Israel-Haters ‘If Not Now When’ Protest Breitbart

Mike Cernovich is, for some, a controversial figure. He’s of Jewish descent (as he mentions at one point in this video) but he was a leading figure supporting Trump online. He periscoped live from outside the HQ of Breitbart in Los Angeles yesterday as a group of “Jews and allies” from the BDS friendly If Not Now, When? organisation staged a protest. They called it “Jewish Resistance”.

If Not Now, When? last came to our attention when Dave posted about their “liberation Seder”.

It’s a long video: Mike likes things un-edited so I’ll list a few highlights if you want to jump around:

3:20 Interview with organisers

6:20 Woman talking about Souther Poverty Law Centre

11:00 Interesting T-Shirt – Bernie supporter

12:50 Ellison is not an antisemite (but Bannon and Breitbart are)

14:10 Queer, woman, Rabbinical student. LA Jewish Federation hasn’t condemned Bannon.

15:22 Teaching Hebrew – justice, justice you shall pursue

24:12 Interfaith organiser

29:00 Songs and chants sheet

37:00 Calling for an end to “occupation”

38:40 If not now when? Jewish Resistance. Which side are you on?

43:00 Trying to talk to people

43:30 Woman – comparisons to Holocaust

45:00 Calls Andrew Breitbart a self hating Jew (this is particularly rich)

46:40 Triggered – don’t talk to Cernovich

48:33 Resist Trump fire Bannon

49:15 Worse than National Enquirer – Anti Breitbart

52:00 Mike wraps up: media covers anti-Trump protests

I don’t think anyone reading Israellycool can accuse me of being a white supremacist: it’s pretty clear I don’t think Jews are white for starters. I’m certainly not of the alt-white (as JPF called them) and I don’t think Cernovich is either.

I’m a fan of the Breitbart site, I’ve published there and they’ve linked to Israellycool many times. Their Israel coverage is excellent, fair and far better than any mainstream outlet or news agency. The problem for this crowd of “Jewish Resisters” is that Breitbart doesn’t reflexively condemn “occupation” or “settlers”.

If I have to pick a side, I’m always going to pick a side which doesn’t include this crowd of BDS supporting, anti-Israel Jews. So I’m still feeling good about Trump heading to the White House in January and I’ve got no problem with Bannon.

43 thoughts on “WATCH: Israel-Haters ‘If Not Now When’ Protest Breitbart”

  1. Well, we do have our disagreements from time to time, Brian. And I really don’t want to make it about you or me because there are bigger issues to deal with here. But I do think you have shown extremely poor judgment in some of the public figures you’ve embraced in the past. Breitbart is extremely dishonest and provocative in the way it presents its stories. And Breitbart management knowingly attracts and functions as a platform for a racist, anti-Muslim, misogynistic, anti-Semitic readership that functions as a well-spring for an unsavory political movement. Steven K. Bannon has been the driving force in this effort from the day he came to Breitbart. If you regularly read Breitbart articles and their associated comments sections and don’t see any of the things I’m talking about, then we probably don’t have much to discuss because you would be deaf, dumb and blind to the obvious truth.

      1. I’m an individual, a human being capable of error, but the views are mine and mine alone, not some partisan-driven contrived political talking point computer-generated Univac machine from which you obviously operate. Maybe if you provide some specifics we could have a real discussion here. Something you rarely find in the Bretibart Comments Section I might add.

    1. I’ve never had to write a post correcting a Breitbart falsehood about anything I care about or know more about than the author. Please find for me all the bad posts that I missed.

      I particularly like that Jew haters do sometimes comment on Breitbart: that shows they’re reading stuff that a challenges their Jew hating views!

      I can’t say that of many other outlets.

      1. The “Renegade Jew” article from David Horowitz attacking Bill Kristol was anti-Semitic, purposely offensive, and has no place in a respectful political discussion on American policies toward Israel. Breitbart coverage of race relations in America misrepresents African Americans as inherently violent and unsuitable to be fully functioning American citizens. Milo Y.’s (impossible name to spell) diatribes are unfailing in their consistent hostility towards women, an ugly male gay stereotype that Breitbart is only too happy to perpetuate.

        1. i wonder when milo is gonna ask pence to help him go straight
          i happen to like milo, because he is a contrarian and a troll and almost everything about him is an act
          but i agree that sometimes he goes to far

            1. today he is doing a talk on “pizzagate”
              if it is to support that conspiracy crap, then i will never watch him again
              part of the reason pizzagate has gotten traction is because the owner of comet pizza is gay
              milo should know that

        2. ahad_ha_amoratsim

          Really? So it’s anti-Semitic for a meshumuad (that means a Jew who worships other-than-G*d, like Horowitz) who cares about Israel, to say that Jews who are making common cause with those who seek to harm Israel are renegades to the Jewish people?

          You can quarrel with his premise that opposing Trump enables the enemies of Israel. And you can quarrel with his headline. I quarrel with both. But those who loudly condemn the so-called anti-semitism of that article have been willing to stand for much worse from Obama and his camp.

          1. My strongest objection to your comments, and to many others here at Israellycool, is your dishonest mis-characterizations of President Obama as being anti-Israel. I’ve listed Obama’s many pro-Israel policies and actions over and over in the comments section of this fine blog, and I won’t repeat them here. I know Obama is quite unpopular among Israelis, and this judgment may well go down in Israeli history. So be it. It seems much more useful to focus on the future with Trump as president and whoever Israelis choose for their leadership going forward.

            1. he may not be anti-israel, but he, like bush 1, has followed the anti-israel state foreign policy that everything wrong in the mideast boils down to israel
              its a problem

              1. The Bush Family has always been a fully owned subsidiary of the House of Saud. Hopefully we have seen the last of them (although they have George P. Bush warming up in the bullpen) run for president.

            2. ahad_ha_amoratsim

              And many many people, including me, have pointed out the many anti-Israel things he has done and said, his many anti-Israel lies, his high handed statement that American Jews need to engage in soul searching over Israel’s supposed failure to make peace, and his general contempt for the Jewish state, the Jewish people and the Jewish religion. So you and I will just have to agree to disagree on that one.
              Now, would you care to respond to the specifics in my post about the Renegade Jew issue? I’ll agree that the headline was in poor taste and poor judgment, but it is being taken out of context far more than any O’Keefe video took things out of context.
              I confess, though, that it is a bit rich, and off-putting, for a Jew who subscribes to avodah zarah (the worship of other-than-G*d) to accuse another Jew of being a renegade to the Jewish people.

              1. To single out Bill Kristol, a long-time ardent supporter of Israel and of Prime Minister Netanyahu, for the kind of criticism that was leveled against him in Breitbart by David Horowitz (i.e. that his opposition to Trump reflected his inauthentic qualities as a Jew) is simply out of bounds and I believe it is anti-Semitic to attack Kristol for being a Jew of questionable merit.

                1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

                  Yes, it was out of bounds. Yes, the headline showed poor judgment, and opened the door to the usually Jew-hating trolls — who were trounced by those who replied to their comments.
                  But no, it was not anti-Semitic.

              2. because obama accepts the left version of judaism means he has contempt for the religion?
                you really are an idiot
                know why obama connected israel to the holocaust (which got him in a heap of trouble)?
                its because israel connects the creation of the state to the holocaust
                why do you think yom hashoah is right before yom haatzmaut?
                we are our own worst enemies
                and you seem to be enemy number one

            3. And we have challenged EVERY SINGLE assertion. He has NEVER had a pro-Israel policy or action not once in the last eight years

              He personally is as anti-Semitic as the peanut farmer

              1. Barack Obama’s policies toward Israel are about as anti-Semitic as the Chabad Telethon or an Andy Williams Christmas Special.

              2. naive…yes
                if you understood the history of state and its
                animosity towards israel, which has existed since eisenhower, than you might understand obama…who has accepted state’s view of the middle east
                doesnt mean he hates jews, just that he thinks if the israel/palestine issue if fixed, the arabs will all gather and sing kumbaya and there will be peace

      2. andy is the reason project veritas exists and all of their vids are heavily edited and some destroyed lives, even though proving not a single wrong being done
        andy may not have been “self hating”, but he only was a jew when it suited his needs
        dont know too many proud jews who marry non-jews
        andy was a bully. i know. i was at the wrong end of one of his twitter bullying sessions where he organized a tweet swarm against me because i made one comment about him that he didnt like.
        breitbart is made in the model of the worst of yellow journalism
        they had no problem with kelloggs…until that company chose to remove ad monies from the site
        they are now trying to destroy them
        the only reason breitbart supports israel is because it ticks off the left
        they are pretty much a mirror image of if not now

        1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

          Not one person who has complained about the ‘heavily edited’ videos has been able to point to a single false statement or misleading edit. In at least one instance, the material that had supposedly been misleadingly deleted was right there in the video that Veritas released.

          1. nobody has complained?
            you mean okeefe didnt lose a lawsuit over his edited vids about acorn?
            you really are an idiot
            go away you moron…you bother me

            1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

              Okeefe lost the lawsuit because he used deception to gain access, and because he did not have the consent of the people he was taping. And I am happy to annoy anyone — on the left, right or center — who says that people who disagree with him are morons.

            2. ahad_ha_amoratsim

              Just noticed you misread my post. I did NOT say that no one has complained. I DID say that of those who have complained, not one has been able to point to any specific lie, distortion, omission, or misleading edit — just generalized charges.
              No wonder you are annoyed; you don’t take the time to read.

        1. and he also claimed that andy was a standup guy and not a bully
          i experienced andy’s bullying tactics first hand
          and im a nobody
          ben doesnt see jew hate or racism that comes from the right…despite the fact that it exists and like that from the left, uses code words to attempt to hide the hate
          andy wasnt a racist, yet most of his stunts and anger was directed at minorities
          he supported okeefe and veritas…who attacked/attacks…minorities
          reality…the only reason breitbart supports pro israel causes is because it makes the left nuts

    2. Breitbart is usually pretty good. Like all news outlets, they have lower-quality stories once in a while, but I have no problem with their overall way of doing things.

      Sure, they attract some anti-semites, but consider that they have Breitbart Jerusalem, which is hugely pro-Israeli. To this I say: anti-semites also buy food in the same supermarket as I do. That doesn’t make the food sold there anti-semitic.

      1. When I shop at my local supermarket I am more concerned with the quality of the food and the price I have to pay than the world views of my fellow shoppers. But when I’m looking for honest fact-based reporting I am concerned when anti-Semites congregate to receive the kind of “news” they’re looking for. It’s a pretty good tip-off that I might be shopping in the wrong information supermarket of ideas.

        1. I see your point. A part of the problem is that the average anti-semite, and the average reader here, do share some views. By way of example:

          – opposition to Soros (I always point out to anti-semites that he is highly destructive to Israel as well);
          – in some cases, opposition to Saudi money games

          etc, etc. In fact, I often point out to anti-semites that if they were to replace “Jews” with “elites” and “Saudi Royal Family”, that they might make a lot more sense.

          But what I’m getting at is that it’s not entirely surprising that we end up in some of the same places, sometimes, because we’re noticing the same RESULTING PROBLEMS. They’re insane in blaming the “Joos” for them, but it doesn’t mean that the resulting problems that they’re complaining about don’t exist, even if they’re wrong about the cause.

  2. i dont like breitbart
    never liked andy’s tactics
    like if not now even less
    btw, the or is “if not now” not “if not now, when”
    not sure why mike was there…he is an old fart and if not now is allegedly all millennials, even though most of their protests have been joined by old jewish socialists who are tired of sitting at home screaming at their tvs
    and this wasnt all that big of a protest
    leftist jews dont practice the religion of my forefathers
    they practice “tikun olam” and appropriate the parts of judaism they can use to support their myopic, anti-torah world view
    brian, im curious…if you find this protest silly…what do you think about what breitbart is trying to do to kelloggs?

    1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

      What is Breitbart trying to do to Kellogs? Kellogs made a big deal out of boycotting Breitbart. Many conservatives are now boycotting Kellogs in return. Boo hoo hoo. Kellogs could have quietly pulled its ads from Breitbart and no one would have been the wiser, but they chose to pander to the left and are now paying a price. And then decided to lie about it when they got caught. Cry me a river.

      1. breitbart didnt seem to be bothered by the issues with kelloggs as long as they were spending ad dollars there
        so please, spare me your bs
        and what price are they paying?
        the fact that sales have not been hurt one iota shows how little power that rag actually has
        and dont link to powerline…not a news source

        1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

          What issues with Kellogs? There WERE no issues with Kellogs until Kellogs loudly decided to boycott Breitbart. And if there are any other issues with Kellogs (other than their no longer making frogmen available for 3 boxtops plus postage), I am not aware of them.
          Powerline is an opinion source, but the news they report tends to be pretty reliable. They were the first source to expose Keith Ellison, back when he first ran for Congress.

          1. exactly
            you just proved my point
            do you even read what you write?
            if kelloggs is an evil corporation, why did bretibart accept their ad dollars
            you loon
            you evil worthless loon

  3. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    These clowns also conducted a protest blocking the lobby of the building where Republican Jewish Commitee rents office space. I was glad to read that several of them had been arrested at that one.

  4. I am not a fan of any site that is a platform for the odious Alt-Right but BDSers can all go to Gehennom! They are about as Jewish as Lazar M. Kaganovich was.

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