Only In Israel: Bieber Vs Biology?

I don’t belieb this.

Seriously, this is a dilemma to some Israeli kids?

All teenagers everywhere face serious dilemmas at some point in their lives but for a group of Israeli high schoolers one particular situation has caused a high degree of anguish.

Should they sit a very important matriculation exam or go see their idol Justin Bieber when he performs in Tel Aviv next May?

That’s right, pop star Justin Bieber is set to hold his first concert in Israel in five years the night before the national biology exam.

According to Israel Army Radio, which broke the story on Monday morning, Israeli high school students are angry. Very angry.

They have taken to social media demanding that the Ministry of Education move the exam to another date. How can they possibly go see Bieber and wake up the next day to take the exam, which is part of the compulsory tests for high school graduation?

“With due respect to biology, Justin Bieber does not come to Israel every year. This exam will prevent many high school kids from going to his performance,” wrote one student on the Facebook page of Israel’s National Students and Youth Council.

The council on Sunday had shared a Whatsapp message calling for the exam to be rescheduled because of the show, initially as a joke: “This is one of the weirdest requests we have received, what do you think?”

But the post garnered some 500 comments, many of them calling on educators to move the exam to another date.

“Of course. This is right! It’s not an opportunity that will repeat itself, maybe it is even the chance of a lifetime. We have to try and delay, I hope we can,” wrote another teen.

“Too right. This is a one-time performance and for some people it’s very important to them. I see why those who are majoring in biology have to make the choice of giving up on the show. The school board really needs to try help move it. This really sucks and I, as a biology student, really don’t know what to do,” wrote another student.

For many of us, Bieber performing in Israel is the cause of a high degree of anguish.

3 thoughts on “Only In Israel: Bieber Vs Biology?”

  1. Kids have become a bit entitled. There are probably kids for whom the dilemma is being able to afford tickets. Just saying. Seriously, suck it up, kids. Study beforehand and set an alarm. First world problems.

  2. AHA! Now I know why Israeli kids performed so poorly on those academic PISA scores recently issued by the Organization of Co-operation and Development.

  3. The narcissism in these children is overwhelming. Nothing will happen if you don’t get to do your favorite thing. Suck it up kiddos. You deserve to hear NO a lot more often than you do.

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