WATCH: Yair Lapid Rips Guardian Journalist

In a Foreign Press Association press conference today, Israeli MK Yair Lapid was asked the following by a Guardian journalist:

“You talked before about the idea that since Oslo, Israel has done little or nothing wrong but the truth is that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the occupation, there are now 600,00 to 800,000 settlers, all of whom are regarded by international law as illegal. Is there not a deluded idea here that many Israeli politicians, including yourself, continue to believe that one can talk to the world about democracy, freedom and human rights while denying those things to millions of Palestinians and will there not come a time soon where you and other politicians will be treated like South African politicians during Apartheid?”

Big mistake.

3 thoughts on “WATCH: Yair Lapid Rips Guardian Journalist”

  1. It does make me wince when, through blatantly biased, hostile and stupid attitudes, these partisan pseudo-journalists keep pushing Israeli officials on the left, to take a more-hawkish-than-Bibi stand.

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