WATCH: Israeli Player Almog Cohen’s “Religious” Goal Celebration

This is how Israeli soccer player Almog Cohen, who plays for German side FC Ingolstadt, celebrated his goal on Sunday December 18, 2016.

The words on his shirt? ‘Hashem hu ha’elokim’, which means ‘Hashem, he is God.'”

Photo via StandWIthUs

Always great to see a proud Jew – made even more poigant by the location.

2 thoughts on “WATCH: Israeli Player Almog Cohen’s “Religious” Goal Celebration”

  1. This is all part of sports, I suppose. Like the Roman Catholic basketball player who crosses himself before attempting a free throw or the Christian quarterback who points to the sky after scoring a touchdown. Expressions of faith in sports can become obnoxious, though. I’m thinking of the Muslim arm wrestler who shouts “Allua Akbar” right after he defeats an opponent. It doesn’t make me think of great sportsmanship when I see this.

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