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Moving the Goalposts

Once again the AFC Asian Cup is underway and once again Israel is the elephant that isn't in the room

Saudi Arabian Shuttlecocks Withdraw From Badminton Match Against Israeli Opponents

From the land that brought us women can now finally drive

WATCH: Israeli Player Almog Cohen’s “Religious” Goal Celebration

Always great to see a proud Jew.

Reader Post: BDSBowl

Something for the BDSHoles to boycott..but they won't

Stamp Discrimination Out Of Sport

International competitions must not be held in countries with racist policies of discrimination against people because of the country of their birth or citizenship.

Awesome Omri Casspi Brings Teammates To Israel

A slam dunk for Israel which will no doubt have the BDSHoles and haters crying foul

A Scorching Ending

Even non-cricket fans may appreciate this

“Palestinian” Chilean Soccer Club Upsets Jewish Community

Check out the design of their shirts featuring the number 1

Saturday Night Kennedy

This one's for Jono

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