IDF Soldiers Needing a Home

When you hear Israel Defense Force, what image comes to mind? Those IDF soldiers guarding borders, day and night, rain, snow or in the blazing Middle East sun. A young man  in camouflage with a rifle perhaps?

As of January 2017, 6,500 of the IDF soldiers were lone soldiers. Soldiers serving in Israel without families supporting them. Over half of this number are volunteers, coming to serve their Jewish homeland, from 50 countries around the globe.

It might surprise you to learn, one-third of the lone soldiers today are young women.

Times are changing. New training programs are dealing with new technologies, and more

Female IDF soldier behind wheel of driving simulator

and more females are joining the IDF, both Israeli born and from overseas.

The Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin was established to help lone soldiers, before, during and after their army service. Hundreds of former lone soldiers volunteer to help make the way easier for new recruits and to adjust to life after army service.

The Center currently runs and operates four homes for lone soldiers throughout Israel, two in Jerusalem, one in Beit Shemesh and one in Sha’arei Tikva, which house male combat lone soldiers and provides shared, fully furnished housing, meals, support and guidance in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

For the first time, a planned Bayit L’Chayalot, Home for Female Soldiers, is to provide housing for ten female lone soldiers during their service in the IDF. Similarly, the Bayit L’Chayalot will provide female soldiers with a true, extended family along with all the comforts of a home away from home.

As a volunteer on this worthwhile, very needed and long over due project, I am pleased to help spread the good news. Please share with any friends who once said, “Gee, I wish I knew a way to make a difference.”

Singer Shlomo Katz will perform a benefit concert for the Bayit L’Chayalot on February 23, 2017, in Jerusalem.

Tickets and further information regarding donor naming opportunities, benefactor and patron categories for this unique and worthwhile project, as well as concert details, can be obtained on the Lone Soldier Center website:  or contacting Lizzie: [email protected]


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