Antisemite & Failed Actor Peter Kusznir Tries To Desecrate Memory Of Dead Jewish Girl


I may be used to posting about the lowest dregs of society, but this does not affect my capacity to be shocked. And shocked I am by the conduct of failed Australian actor Peter Kusznir, who’s acting credits consist of bit parts on Australian shows Neighbours and Underbelly.

He seems to have gathered a bit of an online following as antisemitic conspiracy theorist YouTuber Peekay22. Here’s a sample of his “work”

So what did this pond scum do?

You may recall over two weeks ago, a driver ploughed through pedestrians at Melbourne’s busy Bourke Street mall, murdering 6 people, and injuring many others. One of the victims was 10-year-old Jewish girl Thalia Hakin.

Thalia Hakin, may her memory be a blessing

Enter Kusznir, who did the unthinkable.

A former Neighbours actor called up hospitals pretending to be friends with people critically injured in the Bourke Street tragedy in Melbourne because he believes the massacre was staged.

Peter Kusznir recorded himself phoning up two hospitals in Melbourne as he tried to track down Natalie Hakin, who was seriously injured in the crash and whose ten-year-old daughter, Thalia, was killed.

Audio from the sickening phone calls reveal how Kusznir tried to trick nurses into believing he was a friend of Ms Hakin.

After repeated attempts to find out her condition are thwarted by medical staff, the conspiracy theorist insists that Ms Hakin is ‘a fraud’ and claims she is not injured.

A number of other videos posted online Kusznir vilify victims of the crash and claim that witnesses were paid actors.

Kusznir took the videos down after a request from police, however other internet users have posted them back online.

Kusznir was to appear at Melbourne Magistrate’s Court today in relation to this, but I have not seen anything about it reported.

I sincerely hope he is charged over this.

In the meantime, please join me in reporting his YouTube channel by clicking on the antisemitic videos and reporting them. This could help get his channel closed down.

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