KPMG Urges Australia To Emulate Israel With More “Chutzpah”


In a report entitled Dial Up The Chutzpah, KPMG Australia has urged Australia to emulate Israel in developing AgTech startups.

In a new report called Dial up the Chutzpah! KPMG highlights the gaps between Australia and Israel in how agricultural technology is funded.

KPMG’s head of agtech, Ben van Delden, observed that the Israelis were not afraid to take risks.

“Chutzpah means the audacity to give something a go,” he explained.

“Who would have thought of greening the desert, because that’s the space where Israel produces 80 per cent of their milk, and 80 per cent of their food product is exported from.”

KPMG said Australian agtech businesses and governments should learn from the Israelis and do a lot more partnering, take more risks and do it soon.

Mr van Delden said that in Israel, entrepreneurs were linked with universities and government departments like defence to start new ventures.

He noted that Israel sits second behind Switzerland on the Global Competitiveness Index (2015-16) while Australia is 26th.

Israel has more start-ups per capita than any other nation, and is a leader in biotechnology.

The report is available here.

At the end of the report, Ben van Delden lists a number of standout Israeli AgTech and Food Tech startups he met on a trade mission to Israel, including the following.

I never fail to be in awe of Israeli innovation.

How narrowminded and foolish for anyone to even suggest boycotting our amazing country!

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