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Guest Post: The Real Face of Peace

While politicians and others are creating all kinds of imaginative and dangerous “peace plans”, they forgot what the word actually means. If your idea of peace has anything to do with giving Israel (any part of the land) over to those who murder Jews and promise to stop doing so if we give in to their demands, that is not peace, it’s blackmail!

If you are one of those who think there is no such thing as a good Muslim, you NEED to read this. I don’t know how many are like the woman I am about to tell you about and I don’t care. These are the kind of people who give real peace a chance.

People have mistaken my very (some would call extreme) right-wing views with how I relate to Arabs or Muslims on a personal level. I believe Israel should be in control of all of Israel and that anyone who believes in destroying Israel as the Jewish State should have 3 choices; change your views, leave or fight.

It always makes me laugh when a left-wing Israeli from Tel Aviv, or any other city in Israel that is nowhere near Arab villages, tells me I am racist. See, those of us that live in Judea and Samaria have daily interactions with our Arab neighbors. Many of our neighbors work in our towns and it is us “radical” and “racist settlers” that can often be seen drinking coffee or having a smoke with Musa, Mohammed or Mustafa. In case you were wondering, those are actual names of people I know for over 20 years and no, they are not Israeli and yes, they are Muslim and no, we don’t need any solution for peace, we are at peace and it has nothing to do with land or a fabricated “Palestinian” national claim that they actually despise! (I know it’s a run-on sentence, but justified)

I wonder how many coffee shops in Tel Aviv hire Arabs from Ibdil Ibrahim to work in their shop. I wonder if they even know where Ibdil Ibrahim is! Spare me the leftist garbage. Leftists do not respect Arabs or Muslims, they use them for political gain.
I respect the good and the

Sorry, I got sidetracked, must be my ADHD. Back to the story.

Several months back I commented on an anti Israel article that appeared on CNN. I did not honestly think I would change anyone’s mind, but, we Jews have learned the hard way that silence is NOT an option when propaganda and lies are being told. I left my comment and clicked out of CNN.

I made sure to click on the ‘don’t notify me when people reply’ button since I knew the outcome would be like so many times before when my factual rebuttal of the lies in the article would be met with anti semitic remarks, profanity and name calling.


Several days later, someone, who introduced themselves as a Muslim who was born in Palestine and now lives in NY, requested to befriend me on Facebook. After I ignored their request for several days, they sent a message asking for 3-minutes of my time. I quickly went over to their FB page to see who they were and I found a picture of an Arab girl throwing a stone at an IDF soldier. That was enough for me to respond to her with a very clear “NO!” I will call this person “Saleem” (For her safety, this is NOT her real name)

Several days later Saleem tried calling me on FB and explained that they do not use their Facebook and those pictures are up for their family.

If you did not read about my original experience with this Muslim woman from Ramallah read it here.

For those who don’t have time, I helped Saleem’s niece, who was stuck in Ramallah, return to her family in Bet Hanina in Jerusalem.

Last month I was on a fundraising trip for the IDF with Standing Together 24/7 IDF (Yes you should visit the page and like it) and during my visit to NY Saleem contacted me and asked to meet. I politely refused, but she would not hear of it. She said she wanted to personally thank me for what I did for her niece. (Story in link above) I again refused telling her there is no need to thank me. Saleem became emotional on the phone and begged me to meet her. I told her that I was in Manhattan for the day and if she can make it to the city, I would have coffee with her. I did not have time to finish the sentence and she replied that she would be there in an hour.

Being very suspicious of this entire scenario I told her to meet me on the corner of 12th street on 5th Ave. I waited down the block to see who exactly I am meeting with. Saleem then called me and said that she is here and wanted to know where I was. I looked and saw a woman in a Hijab who did not arrive with anyone else and I told her I will be there in a minute. As I walked up and said hello, a big smile came on her face as she shook my hand excitedly and continuously said thank you.

She asked if she could buy me lunch and I told her I simply do not have time. She then asked if she can at least buy me a coffee and I agreed. So, a religious Jew, right-wing settler was walking down 5th Ave. with a Hijab wearing Muslim woman from Ramallah.

There were some people who looked puzzled and it actually made me laugh. The entire scenario was….funny.

Unfortunately Saleem was scared to publish her face….and still is.

We sat down for a cup of coffee and she began to tell me her life story. Saleem was born in Ramallah and was married at 15.

She was beaten by her husband and she explained that most Arab women she knows were married young and know nothing about their husbands. Saleem is 44 and her daughter is turning 26. She has 4 other children and her ex-husband does not care for her or her (his children).

Saleem ran away from Ramallah with her children, made it Jordan and from Jordan to America. She has been living in the States for 15 years now. Salee’s Ex-husband also left Ramallah, but he went to Brazil, remarried and only gave Saleem a divorce 2-years ago.

Saleem explained how she was brought up thinking Jews were a devilish people and was brainwashed with hatred. That all changed when she moved to America. If she would ever return to Ramallah or anywhere else in the area, she would be killed.

Her own father disowned her for running away from an abusive relationship as did most of her family and her husband’s clan. The Jews in her new community were welcoming and helpful and Saleem could not believe just how much she has been lied to. Saleem despises the Arab leadership for the hatred they teach and the wars they cause and she has a new respect for Israel and Jews. Saleem blushed as I told her she must make a movie about her experience and tell the world. She smiled as if to say, “who am I to think my story is special”.

I advised her to at least start a blog and tell the world and most importantly tell her own people living in Ramallah, Nablus, Gaza and everywhere else just how bad she has been lied to by the Arab and Muslim leadership. She promised to think about it but is unwilling to publish her name out of fear for her own life and her children’s lives. BTW, her children are as American as one can get and while Saleem wears a Hijab, her daughters do not.

I asked why and she responded, “I want my daughters to be completely American and I do not want them having to answer questions. I can deal with the criticism but I don’t need my daughters to.

Let me make this as clear as possible, no “peace” deal with the PLO, HAMAS or any other Arab leader that is holding on to a fabricated national story with which they have justified the murder of Jews will bring peace to Israel or to people like Saleem! Until the Arab Islamic leadership that is brainwashing their own population to hate and the honor of murder is destroyed, no deal will bring peace. This conflict is not about land, it is about a genocidal, religious based hatred of Israel and yes, of Jews! Do all Muslims think this way? Absolutely not! BUT when we base a solution on the fabrications the Arab leaders are using, you are not bringing peace to anyone. All you are doing is strengthening the people who Saleem had to flee from.

The “peace” processes that both the left and right-wing government are trying to push forward are based on lies and will result in more tragedy. Both for us and for the people like Saleem. When we stand up for truth and historical integrity, instead of giving in to and adopting the fabrication of history our enemies are selling, people like Saleem will be safe to actually make peace.

ה׳ עוז לעמו ייתן, ה׳ יברך את עמו בשלום.
God should give might to his nation, God bless his nation with peace.

ונהפוך הוא, אשר ישלטו היהודים הנה בשונאיהם.
On Purim things went topsy-turvy. When the Jews had control over their enemies.

and then כי ביתי בית תפילה לכל העמים.

May God’s house (the Bet Hamikdash) be a house of prayer for all nations

Jews being in control does not mean others are not respected, it means that those who respect us can be part of our miraculous return to the Land of Israel.

A non-Jew that lives in Israel while under Jewish control is both protected and respected. They are called a GER TOSHAV. Jewish law states that if there is only one pillow in the house, it is given to the Ger Toshav.

That is peace!

Feel free to share this. People have to know the real faces of peace and hopefully one day, Saleem can show her face as well.

Ari Fuld is the director of Standing Together and an outspoken Israel advocate and international speaker on Israel and the IDF. He is also a husband and father of four living the dream in Judea Israel.

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