Confirmation From Holocaust Survivor Charity That Mel Gibson Has Been Helping Them


A few days ago, I was one of the first to post reports that Mel Gibson had been working with the Survivor Mitzvah Projecta charity that helps Holocaust survivors.

Despite my own misgivings about Mel – and plethora of posts mocking and deriding him for his past antisemitic shenanigans – I wrote “If true, I have to give credit where credit is due” – causing a few overzealous (former) Israellycool readers to attack me like…well, like Mel Gibson on booze (at least none of them called me “sugar t*ts”)

Well I can now report it has been confirmed – in the form a retweet of my post by the very charity Mel has been reportedly helping!

This, of course, does not mean Mel Gibson is now a lover of Israel and the Jewish people. But it might mean he wants to make amends…and has been trying to do so for a while now.

Time will tell.

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