WATCH: Hanan Ashrawi Complains About Org That Translates What They Said In Arabic


Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Executive Committee Member and Teller Of Porky Pies, complains about MEMRI, which does a great job translating the hateful utterances the palestinians and other Arabs speak in Arabic, which are usually at odds with what they are telling a gullible Western audience.

Note how she claims they “distort Palestinian utterances.” MEMRI are not the only ones capable of translating Arabic, so they could not possibly get away with mistranslating anything. It is not like they are translating, say, Hobbit.

The reason Ashrawi finds them to be toxic is that they translate the Arabic correctly. And the utterances they translate contain the real toxic messages – messages of hatred and incitement, which are extremely inconvenient for professional liars like Ashrawi.

If you want to see a truly toxic organization, check out Ashrawi’s own MIFTAH, which disseminates antisemitism.

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