Bassem Tamimi’s Australian Propaganda Tour Suffers Setback

A year after having his US visa revoked,  terror supporter and child exploiter Bassem Tamimi (aka Daddy Temper) has suffered another setback to his propaganda plans, having his visa to Australia revoked.

The federal government has cancelled the visa of an outspoken Palestinian activist on the eve of his Australian speaking tour because others are likely to “react adversely” to his presence.

The activist, Bassem Tamimi, was due to board a plane this week to begin his Australian speaking tour, which was organised by the Palestine Action Group, Friends of Palestine, and The Social Research Institute.

He was granted a visa on 4 April, but it was cancelled the next day.

The department said Tamimi’s presence would threaten the good order of the Australian community, and invoked section 128 of the Migration Act to cancel the visa.

“The Department recently became aware of information that indicates there is a risk that members of the public will react adversely to Mr Tamimi’s presence in Australia regarding his views of the ongoing political tensions in the Middle East,” the decision said.

I am not sure what this risk would be – Israel supporters tend not to threaten violence against the other side – but I am glad his visa was revoked. Besides being a terror supporter, Tamimi is also an antisemite – as his reaction to the revocation indicates.

Tamimi, a vocal opponent of Israeli settlement in the West Bank, was due to speak in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne this month.

(Actually, Tamimi is a vocal opponent of Israel proper, not just Judea and Samaria).

He said he was disappointed in the decision, and described it as a limit on freedom of speech. He accused Israel of lobbying to have him barred from entry.

“The decision is disappointing [it] means that the Israeli occupation and the Zionist lobby succeed and their allies dominate the decision in all the world countries,” Tamimi told Guardian Australia.

He may have used word “Zionist”, but we know he means “Jewish.” Because I have caught him not being so careful with his language in the past.

The reaction of his supports is also laughable.

The Australian-based Palestinian activists organising the tour described the decision as an act of “extreme censorship”.

These are the same people who advocate for the boycott of Israel and try to shut up visiting Israelis.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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