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Hanan Ashrawi just flew in from the 70's and boy are her talking points tired

US Denies Visa to Palestinian Official Hanan Ashrawi

Palestinian propagandist Hanan Ashrawi has taken to Twitter to complain that her US Visa application was rejected for no apparent reason.

Hanan Ashrawi Insults US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman

Yesterday, palestinian propagandist extraordinaire Hanan Ashrawi saw it fit to insult US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman...for posting a fact.

The Palestinian Search for Peace

"President Trump has sabotaged our search for peace, freedom and justice."

Photo of the Day: Saeb Gets Visitors Edition

Saeb Erekat post-lung transplant

Hanan Ashrawi Launches Tirade Against Nikki Haley

PLO official Hanan Ashrawi has lashed out against Nikki Haley, for the latter's staunch support of Israel

Richard Gere In The Holy Land

Welcome Richard!

Video: Hanan Ashrawi Spews Hate Paid For By Your Taxes

If you live in the UK, Norway, the US or Ireland, you pay for this woman to spread hate and lies.

Hanan Ashrawi Fumes Over Real Woman’s Support For Israel

Hanan Ashrawi is fuming over Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's staunch support for Israel

Extreme Violence From Qalandiya Refugee Camp

The PA has canceled peace talks scheduled for today following the killing of three palestinians in the Qalandiya refugee camp


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