UNESCO Opposes Those Who “Destroy Heritage Because They Fear its Power to Unite”

The very same week they passed a resolution denying the Jew’s heritage in Jerusalem, UNESCO comes out with this:

It is naturally not referring to Jerusalem.

Following several reports and discussions with the Iraqi authorities, UNESCO has confirmed the liberation of the archeological site of Hatra, located in the Governorate of Nineveh in Iraq. The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, has reiterated her support to the government and people of Iraq and expressed the readiness of UNESCO to help protect and promote Iraqi heritage as a force for national cohesion, peace and recovery for the country.

“The liberation of the ancient city of Hatra, a UNESCO world heritage site, is good news for Iraq and beyond. For two years, Hatra has been one of the symbols of the cultural cleansing plaguing the Middle East. The destruction and looting of the remains of the capital of the first Arab Kingdom, is an immense loss for the Iraqi people and the world. Its liberation marks a positive turning point and paves the way for ensuring its protection and conservation,” declared the Director-General.

“Violent extremists know the power of heritage to unite, to bring people together and provide them with pride, confidence and dignity – this is why they target and destroy heritage

I guess only when the remains of the “Arab Kingdom” are at risk, will UNESCO speak out. The Kingdom of David? Never existed!

Although if you ask UNESCO’s Director-General quoted above about her personal opinion, she will tell you Jerusalem is the capital of King David. It is just that UNESCO as an organization would never come out and say it.

The inmates are truly running the asylum.

Interesting aside: Nineveh itself played a part in Jewish history.

Hat tip: Craig

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