WATCH: ‘Hunger Striking’ Terrorist Marwan Barghouti Caught Eating

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published a piece by jailed “Palestinian leader and parliamentarian” terrorist Marwan Barghouti, in which he explained why he was going on a hunger strike. In fact, he was leading the hunger strike of over 1,000 palestinians in Israeli jails.

Yeah, about that – he’s been caught by the prison security cameras secretly eating in the toilet in his prison cell.

The prison service says Barghouti has twice been filmed eating since the strike began. The first time, on April 27, the footage shows him eating cookies. He removed the cookies from a hiding place in his bathroom, looked around to see that nobody was watching and then ate them. He then tried to conceal the evidence by hiding the wrapping and washing his hands and face.

The second time, on May 5, he employed the same technique. This time, he was filmed eating waffle bar. At the end, he was also seen eating salt.

The Israel Prison Service didn’t say how Barghouti obtained the food, but sources in the organization confirmed that they set him up in an attempt to see whether Barghouti was really sticking to the hunger strike.

Talk about a cookie monster.

In other words, he’s still a big fat liar – or at least not as skinny a liar as he should be.

Remember, this is the guy so many have touted as a future leader of the palestinians. Let’s see – lying to his own people and allowing them to starve while he stuffs his face – sounds like he has the makings of a palestinian leader alright!

Update: Another video of Barghouti has been released by prison authorities.

Update: I couldn’t resist.

12 thoughts on “WATCH: ‘Hunger Striking’ Terrorist Marwan Barghouti Caught Eating”

  1. Israel’s prison authorities have shot themselves in the foot by acknowledging that they “set him up”. Otherwise, gold! He is on a hunger strike, just Palestinian style, but he’s striking between breakfast and lunch. Salt? I hope “the pretzels will make him thirsty”.

  2. He was also caught eating during a hunger strike in 2004. I wonder of the NYT will be covering this story?

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