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Making Fun of Marwan (Barghouti)

Terrorist Marwan Barghouti is reportedly considering running in the scheduled Palestinian presidential elections

Jewish Voice for Peace Presents: Woke Seder 2018

Hey don't sit there! That seat's taken! What did you say? For the Prophet Elijah??? Oh don't be silly. It's for Rasmea Odeh!

Misleading Headline Of The Day

..courtesy of The Times of London

Israel Dropped The Ball (And Snack) On Barghouti

Yesterday Israel published a list of Marwan Barghouti's demands

Palestinian Prisoner Demands: Getting Beyond The Spin

I analyze their demands against their basic rights as defined in international law

Pizza Hut Israel Trolls Marwan Barghouti (Updated)

Some epic trolling by Pizza Hut Israel, which was unfortunately panned by Pizza Hut International.
The Daily Freier and Israellycool investigate a trend in fasting

Hey Dad? Next Yom Kippur Can I Fast “Marwan Barghouti Style?”

The Daily Freier wanted to learn more about this hot trend of "No Hunger-Hunger Strikes"

WATCH: Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?

Sorry, not sorry, but I'm gonna milk (and cookie) this for all it's worth. https://youtu.be/efWhCAsmjDI

WATCH: ‘Hunger Striking’ Terrorist Marwan Barghouti Caught Eating

The lying terrorist caught eating, despite being on a hunger strike

New York Times Exclusive: An Op-Ed by Singer-Songwriter Charles Manson

Not far from what actually was published

The New York Times Wipes Blood Off The Hands Of Arch Terrorist Marwan Barghouti

I weigh in on the latest Times controversy
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