Palestinians Make More Boaring Accusations Against Israel

Palestinians are once again claiming that “settlers” deliberately release wild boars to attack farmers and villagers. Zionist Death BoarsTM if you will.

A ten-year-old Palestinian girl was hospitalized Friday night after a wild boar attacked her in the town of al-Yamun northwest of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank, with locals saying the incident was a result of Israeli settlers deliberately releasing wild boars in the area.

Palestinian medical sources said that the child, Alaa Kamil Hoshiya, was bit on her hand and was also suffering from shock.

According to locals, the girl was attacked in al-Khirbeh area of al-Yamun.

Palestinians say they have been dealing with an ongoing wild boar problem in the occupied West Bank, claiming that extremist Israeli settlers have brought boars and released them near Palestinian areas to attack farmers and villagers as a way to keep them off their land.

After years of injuries and damages to agricultural lands caused by wild boars, some Palestinians have taken to poisoning the animals.

Meanwhile, some organizations have alleged that the construction of the Israeli separation wall has affected the habitat of wild boars, possibly leading to higher concentrations of the animal’s population in certain areas in the occupied West Bank.

I said “once again,” because they have been making similar claims for years, including PA President and “peace partner” Mahmoud Abbas – although he claimed it was to destroy agricultural fields as well as – wait for it – “spread corruption on the face of the earth.”

Just last year, the deputy director of the Palestinian Wildlife Association blamed an increase in the number of wild boar primarily on the fact that Muslims do not eat them – before also blaming it on “colonists,” – but with the express aim of forcing palestinians to leave their homes. He then suggested palestinians coordinate with the Israelis to deal with the problem – an odd suggestion when you claim it is the Israelis who are deliberately releasing them to begin with.

Ebrahim Odeh, the deputy director of the Palestinian Wildlife Association, said that the only precaution that Palestinians can take is to build tall cement barriers to try to keep the pigs out.

“The higher those walls, the more effective they will be at protecting the local Palestinians,” he told Gulf News. “Palestinian pedestrians in Area C however remain in real danger.”

Odeh noted that the dramatic increase in the number of boars is largely because their meat is not consumed by Muslims. He stressed that shooting wild animals has been made illegal by occupation authorities. “Of course, the fact that Israeli colonists living in the nearby colonies of the West Bank routinely release pigs into the area with the aim of forcing Palestinian residents to leave their homes, is also fuelling the problem,” he said. “Palestinians should coordinate with the Israelis to hire professional hunters to cull the wild pigs and bury them in a custom-built hole specifically dug for this purpose, in order to reduce their numbers,” he said.

So which is it? Are Jews deliberately releasing wild boars to attack farmers and villagers, destroy agricultural fields, force palestinians to leave their homes, or just generally spread corruption on the face of the earth?

The answer is, of course, e) none of the above. The accusations are yet another blood libel lobbied against us. The multitude of reasons proffered for the attacks is an indication that they are making it up as they go along.

Another indication is the fact that these wild boars have also been entering Israel. You see, wild boars do not distinguish between palestinians and Israelis – it is part of being wild.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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