WATCH: Linda Sarsour Attacks Student Who Questions Her Infamous Violent, Sexist Tweet


Dartmouth College recently hosted Israel hater and faux feminist Linda Sarsour, days after it declined to co-sponsor an event featuring an IDF .

At the event in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Sarsour was rightly asked about her deplorable, anti-feminist tweet about Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Her response? To evade the question, attack the questioner’s race and gender, and dismiss her tweet as just an example of people saying “stupid shit” sometimes.

Missing from her response: contrition or an actual apology.

Rest assured, her tweet from 2011 is in line with the views she has been expressing ever since. It was not – as she is implying – the result of youthful exhubernace.

Note also the applause her response attracted – it just goes to show you how many sheep are willing to follow this duplicitous shepherdess.

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