Linda Sarsour’s Sick Response To Call To Come Out In Solidarity With Gay Pride Activists


In the wake of Friday’s Pride parade in Tel Aviv, pro-Israel activist Hen Mazzig tweeted the following to faux feminist/”human rights” champion Linda Sarsour.

Her response? As vile as it was not surprising.

Demonizing an entire people because of the actions of one – something Sarsour herself accuses those criticizing Muslims of doing, when they point to Islamic terror attacks. Hypocrite much?

Hen did not raise this point, but another valid one.

Which was met with yet another deflection from Sarsour.

To which Hen implored her to just come out and condemn the LGBTQ oppression by the Arab and Muslim world.

Her response would be hilarious had it not been so telling as to the lengths she will go to in order to demonize Israelis.

Hen’s response to this was good-natured

but the fact remains: Linda Sarsour is a nasty hater who has hoodwinked so many people into believing she actually cares about human rights.

What she does seem to care about? Form your own conclusions.

Update: Hen writes:

I was hoping that on Pride Month Sarsour will stand with the LGBTQ community and come out in support of us and against the oppression of the Palestinian authority/Hamas and other Arab regimes in the Middle East. She didn’t, she decided to attack the only country in the Middle East that offers lgbtq rights, and to fight me calling me “sexist” for saying “love” to her. I will continue calling man, woman and other genders “love” because in these dark days we need more of it. More love, less of Sarsour’s hate.

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